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ThePog is yet again forced to learn shit about 4afe engines


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Just check your injectors using a screwdriver and your ears like the others suggest.

If you are getting spark your ECU is probably working right, unless Toyota was still using VAST at the time (with VAST systems the distributor will still generate a spark on its own until the ECU sends signals back to it).


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No discernable sound from the injectors.

I pulled an injector off the spare engine an plugged it in, nothing.

Checked all the fuses, no issues.

Swapped the EFI relay for another one, nothing.

I will now double check the cam timing....


Is there a way to check the modules in the dizzy?

Oh and a brand new battery.

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Generally there should be 12v at the injector with the ignition on and they are fired by pull to ground through the ecu. So maybe find the positive side, and see if it has volts back to an engine or body earth. 

I haven't followed this too closely, but are the injectors good known units from a running car. It is possible to 'varnish' or crud up the injectors if the were the ones sitting for years from the wrecker motor? 


Does tacho come off the stop when cranking, if so I'd shelve other work on the dizzy etc.. 

Wife's old corolla I didn't know had an immobiliser, it looked like a boring old black key with no buttons or anything on it. I had a spare key cut that turned out to be good for unlocking the door and making the engine turn over. Hence suggesting about the key thing. 

/put some petrol in it. 


Or you have missed an earth terminal off under the manifold near the starter motor. 

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