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7 hours ago, piazzanoob said:

i also guess that the budget on this vehicle is limited just by going on the posts. as have seen people often get there fuel tanks reco'd but can be spendy. but often radiator shops can do this service. which i suspect the tank gets electroplated  

also now that you found media blasting. often getting a small blasting booth is handy for car resto stuff and would be a good investment. 

also yeah get proper efi rated fuel pressure hose. because being efi the system runs at a higher pressure. where a car with a carb might only run at 5-15 psi. and any hose clamp is better than none. 

Thank you so much for your kind words <3

I poked a few radiator places, only one replied and said they just clean them - the price seemed to imply no protective coatings of any kind.  One resto place quoted over 1.1k and while I'm ok with spending some money there's definitely a cutoff point, especially when I feel like I could get it to a good place myself (makes the resto feel more personal too!)

I'd love to get a blasting cabinet - might need to enlarge my garage first but it'll happen :)

I've had mixed results with the fuel hoses, been to a few local places and they don't have some or all of the appropriate hoses.    In particular the large pickup hose to the pump is a formed hose with a huge diameter which baffled the guys I spoke to.  Interestingly one place did sell me the same clamps I've been using, though that is for the return hose.  I'll keep my hunt going.

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Tanks can't be electroplated inside very easily as the process doesn't really work without a direct flow between the anode (which would have to be inside the tank) and cathode (the tank itself).

When I let my fabricated tank get rusty I had to cut the top off again to get it plated and even then the coverage wasn't great inside the tank (inside corners didn't get much zinc).

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