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MACKAZs elcheapo boat


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So, back story. Dad bought this little gem off trademe, looked good in the pics, not so good in the flesh. It had fallen off the back of a ute and broke the left transom corner cap and the rope guide on the front. It's a 12'6 Fyran, tiller steer. He paid stuff all for it and dragged it North on a car trailer. He built a little trailer to put under it using some pipe and rollers etc from the scrappies. It's not flash but it is solid. It has a 1987 Johnson 8.8hp outboard, again nothing to look at. He was visiting a few weeks back and said he wanted to sell it. He'd owned it for 3 or 4 years and used it twice, both times me and him went for a fish. Me and wifey had a discussion and a phone call was made the next night and a deal struck for my AG200 and some cash. A week later it was delivered and I pushed it around the back of the house. 



The plan is to make it look a bit better and give it a thorough going over and add in bits that will make it more functional. First order of business was some new taillight lenses as they were nearly clear


It was a pain to move so scrounge up an old jockey wheel, repaired the tyre and burned it onIMG_20201125_183822.jpg.3d0d4a342d74ef99c79da311003c6914.jpg

Was walking along lovingly stroking the gunwale and holy shit, heaps the rivets were either missing or loose. Got jiggy with the riveterIMG_20201125_184031.thumb.jpg.8dfe83b2ff7120d8a4387f84f8a2f9ad.jpg



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So I googled about the transom corner, nothing. So I'm making one with the help of the engineer at work. He plasma cut this plate out (first time use) and I'm about to tidy it upIMG_20201125_185014.thumb.jpg.c18de286316a0b3b20c7c6364eef3eee.jpg

Also bought some essentialsIMG_20201125_185113.thumb.jpg.f15d4914e2bc7e1955c1d1fd57505080.jpg

I've also got another outboard that was thrown in the mix that I didn't realise he had acquired to pillage for bits

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Got the transom corner cap home and took to it with a sanding disc, doesn't look too bad. IMG_20201129_105203.jpg.8b4694899440d146960d5ef5c06850b8.jpg


Once I get trailer finished, I'll need to get a plate, register it and get it wofd. I'll tow it to work and TIG it to the transom top. 

I've been working through replacing all the (few) steel nuts and bolts with stainless items. 

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Continuing to remove the blue paint, am getting there. Thought I'd remove lights etc so I can make a proper job of it. 

Well not happy with the twist and tape wiring connections, the soldered on wires inside the lights and the homemade number plate light. 

All new stuff coming tomorrow. Also going to add clearance lamps onto the taillight mounts to aid with night reversing.

Ive also got rid of the god awful pool noodle shit as the hull wore straight through it. I had mentioned this to a workmate and front up to work this morning to a couple of really good second hand rollers and an "axle" to chop up. Trademe purchase of a rubber snubbing block for the front gets rid of the pool noodle at the other end. 

NO PICS..... Typical

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Doing a wof pre inspection found a rumbly bearing. Oh well I'll take them to work and push out for samples. How it happened I don't know but blew a hub apart. Much swearing insues. In typical fashion there are 4 different hub/drum configurations on Daihatsu Mira. It appears they are made of the rare element unobtainium.   

Purchased this kitScreenshot_20201219_181710.jpg.f71f822cbf18a3f0ec92ab08a2086f08.jpg

But....... Cannot build axle until I have some rims. These are proving more difficult to get than I thought......

May need to blow budget and buy some new galv wheels... Damn

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IMG_20201220_201901.thumb.jpg.6881277e23c17ac2bc9c2025f752fee0.jpgScored some 13x5 trailer wheels for $180 locally off Marketplace. 

Smashed out an axle this afternoon. Unfortunately the new wheels don't go into the spare carrier. Track has increased 60mm or so, about 20mm higher than before. 

Left to do. 

Fabricate a new spare carrier. 

Cut the old one out. 

Waterblast and paint wheels and axle. 

Make new wider guard mounts and fit

Touch up paint after modifications. 


Boat needs engine mounting, I've decided to bolt it on permanent until I can find a 15hp.

A complete new drain bung you can operate without a spanner. 

Wish list is a screen, canopy and a depth sounder. Next year..... 

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