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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo

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Anyway to supercharge the VVTI solenoid and increase the pressure it sends? Ie block one of the return holes or make the hole going to the cam smaller to decrease the flow and increase the pressure? just thinking aloud so could be completely wrong. Can you increase the oil pump pressure so that the solenoid has more pressure?

How much spring pressure can the current setup work with? how much would you need to increase the oil pressure to work with the stiffer springs?

Hope this makes sense

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Yeah, I hear ya! 

Shimming the oil pump pressure release valve is a possibility, but the oilpump is buried in the front timing cover. So its pretty much an engine out job to try that too. 

Well maybe not, but its a total wanker to get the timing cover off while it's in car. I think I'd just rather pull the motor out. 

It's also possible that the Aqua motor runs a slightly different oil pressure as they from factory run a 0w20 oil compared to 10w30 or whatever for a normal 1NZ

I'll check part numbers and see if anything's different. 

But people with normal 1NZ have same problem. 

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Yeah a thicker oil could also increase pressure

Again maybe map out what spring pressure a normal setup can manage and then how much additional pressure you'll need

Is there an option to run an external oil feed to the solenoid that you can use to increase pressure (restriction or an external pump?)

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If it doesn't need huge flow to operate I'm. Thinking maybe some form of additional oil pump too. Either mechanically driven or even better electric on demand. 

There will heaps of options for low pressure, (like trans /diff cooler on race car) probably less options for high pressure single state dry sump pump,but I reckon something would exist. 

Oil pump shimming - Ideally a heavier spring constant of the same free length is technically better than shimming depending on the seat arrangement. 

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3 hours ago, Yowzer said:

If others have run into this problem then surely someone has found a solution?

Unless their solution was a vvti delete..

So it turns out if you use factory cams which have a less aggressive ramp rate, then the BC springs work. 

But then they run out of puff at high rpm....

So you need the big cams... 

Which will valve float without the springs, but cant use vvti with them. 


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Just now, Ashkellybarr said:

Drill and tap block and feed vvt from power steering pump :salute:

300-400psi should be enough to over power the springs right?

I converted to manual rack haha. 

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I dont really know how they work, I assumed they just open a passage that then lets oil into the cam gear. 

But do they pump back and forth to push oil in? 

hmmm I need to do some homework 

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31 minutes ago, cletus said:

What about a custom made vvti solenoid with a bigger piston, instead of making heaps of oil pressure? 



It's possible that I've merely stuffed the cam pulley when I put it together. 
With the beams 3SGE cam pulleys, they have a giant return spring in them. So if you have no oil pressure inside it, it returns to "home" position and stays there. 
These springs love to blow peoples faces off when they unbolt the front of the vvti pulley and bits go flying everywhere.
Then they are impossible to get back together haha.

This later style is much simpler. It doesnt have a spring, but it has a locking pin that will hold the cam in a fixed position when the motor stops. 

Then as soon as there is oil pressure in the cam again, locking pin released.
It says you need to use compressed air to unlock that pin and advance the cam a bit, before you torque the bolt up. Otherwise the lock pin can break from the bolt trying to turn against the pulley.
So its possible I've broken the lock pin and stuffed the pulley up.


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Could be it. 


I'm not sure if I can troubleshoot this particularly well without taking the cams back out though. 

If I could manage to hold the chain in the right place I might be able to get the intake cam in/out without taking the front cover off. 

Yeah could definitely be the issue 
Different engine but same thing 

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1 hour ago, ajg193 said:

I wonder if one of those vvti gears could be barried onto a 4k

i was looking at my nissan engine and some images of the later GA engines with variable timing and it looks like it they literally just bodged it on the end

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