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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup


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9 hours ago, cletus said:

Like a 3L powered manual hiace that's done 470,000km?

We currently have a 3l powered hiace that's done over 600k.

I'm going to double check your sound description and report back but so far it seems pretty legit. 

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23 hours ago, cletus said:

Like a 3L powered manual hiace that's done 470,000km?


You missed the high rpm little whistle they get just before a big onnngggg.

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10 hours ago, Roman said:

Fine by me as I had a pretty good chuckle at them so far. 

Maaannnn ages ago I bought a graduated cylinder, exactly for the reason of finding out injector cc, deadtime, and so on. 
But I cant find the bloody thing.
Although, all I'm really wanting to do is find out if I've got an injector that is significantly out of whack to the others.
It's not that I dont trust BMW parts...

So welcome to the most half assed injector testing known to man. Just using ECU to spray them full blast.



So they're pretty damn close, considering some people find some aftermarket injectors can be 5-15% out in a set. 
If I ever find my graduated cylinder I'll do some more testing in a better manner. But this ticks that problem off the list anyway. 
Basically, I'm looking for excuses not to pull the timing cover off because it sucks. 
Will try my other set of coilpacks too. 
Then probably still end up pulling timing cover off and finding it's what I suspected all along. However it's good to know the injectors are fairly even, anyway.

Made me think of Howard Hughes for some reason.

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On 22/07/2022 at 17:38, cletus said:

Ie does it go kerururururururu brmmmm

Or  kerururirurururiruru blub blub blub 

Low comp like a fat Kereru 



On 22/07/2022 at 17:51, Roman said:

But what makes me think its cam timing is that when I took it for a drive with standard exhaust on, you go over 50% throttle and it just goes absolutely nowhere and makes this horrid sounding induction noise.

This sounds like it could be ignition to me. I had almost exactly these symptoms on the MX5 and the Chariot on the same day. Both run the same style of dual coil setup as eachother and both were solved by clicking the ignition leads down properly. The MX5 in particular was fine until about 1/3 throttle, then it would just fart and crackle on all 4 cylinders and was incredibly slow. 

Not sure if individual coil packs would act the same, but it's possible? 

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I'm using the same coilpacks as before, and this head is the same head as before (just different block under it) 

I pulled spark plugs and had a look, they were all okay, one had a bit shorter gap than the others. So opened it up a bit and swapped coilpacks out. no difference. 

Will check cam timing tonight. 

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