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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup


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Tyre situation. 
Currently have fitted 155/80/13. These are some random shitters from Pick a Part after someone slashed all of my Bridgestone tyres trying to steal them.

These are just under 10kg per corner for steel wheel + tyre.

I figured this would be quite a small rolling diameter. I couldnt seem to find anything in 13" with a lower profile in a narrow width. 


Turns out its remarkably close to a 205/50/15. A 195/50/15 is actually smaller overall diameter.
Go figure.
However I have some 205/50/15 Yokohama Advan AD08Rs gathering dust in the garage.
Just that one of the tyres got a gash in it so I parked them up and put R888 on the Carina instead.

The only catch is that just these tyres are 10kg each, as they're super stiff sidewall.


Might try find some light 15x6 or something like that and put just a pair on and bring them along.

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Also managed to get almost all of the bottom end back with some extra ignition timing and probably to a lesser extent the slightly longer trumpets. 

Forget the numbers but the shape of the change in lines is legit also according to fuel table.

I think with some non retarded driving it'll have a 16 second quarter in it without too much issue.
Hopefully the acceleration doesnt rip my face off.


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This is pretty good fun to money ratio 


Should have about 500% more grip haha.

In other news.

This upgrade spring set shows that it works for 1NZ and 1ZZ engines


Buuuutttt 1ZZ engine apparently has stiffer springs from factory. So might be a cheap way to cure my rpm issues, is go steal some 1ZZ bits.

Have read some other stuff though and it says 1NZ/2NZ dont valve bounce by 7000rpm and factory springs even work ok for bigger cams.
So maybe it's my timing chain and tensioners having a hernia. 
Which I should probably replace anyway 



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Don't know if you can google and find it but in the latest engineering news magazine there's a nz company developing high end race engine stuff. They 3d printed the intake runners to fit between a profile cut ali flange and their off the shelf throttle bodies. Epoxyed the inside surface to seal it then tested it to 100psi. Fairly sure it was only 2mm wall thickness with like 3mm thick ribs.

Remembered it when you mentioned 3d printing and carbon wrapping.  I'll try find the article today.

This could well be the future of oldschool.

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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup

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