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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup


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2 hours ago, ajg193 said:

Is that with a 3D printed intake manifold? If so, how does it cope with the heat?

So far so good.

Printed with HIPS material that has glass transition temp over 100 deg.

And then 50% infill and really thick walls so its basically solid.

It took nearly 3 days to print super slow and hot so layers are strong.

In hind sight I should have printed it thin and wrapped in carbon. Would have been quicker and stronger.

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54 minutes ago, Spencer said:

On a serious note though the cam phasing will work better again once you open up the exhaust side somehow, especially the headers.


Yeah I reckon too.

At 6000rpm it looks like somewhere around 90% VE. So if you could reduce backpressure and have an actual tuned length 4-1 or 4-2-1.
Then we might be up to say... 95hp at wheels haha.

It looks like the shit heap 4-1 stub thing is literally just to get exhaust into the cat converter ASAP.

It looks like the prius one is a bit better maybe. 

Maybe I should just buy that $500 engine...

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Space savers to go on the rear for drag day?

3 nuts per wheel instead of 4 :p 

ice on the ITBs? 

Rear and passenger seat removed 

1/4 tank of fuel

remove the battery and start with a jumper pack?

lower the front tyre pressure to get a better contact patch and increase traction 

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It only has 155 wide tyres on it, they are basically a space saver already hahaha.

I've got my lithium battery I can fit which saves about 10-15kg depending on original battery weight. 
intake temp doesnt matter too much compared to air temperature on the day but the printed parts also dont carry much heat.
low tank of gas, and seats out for sure. 

My power hasnt actually started tapering off that much at high rpm, its just that it valve bounces like crazy so I need to be exactamundo on gear changes or I'll get super penalized by low rpm into the next gear. But previously rev limit was 6400rpm or something like that, so shifting a whole 1000rpm+ extra will be great.
It's easy enough to wire in a shift light so will do that.
3rd gear goes to 172kph at 7200rpm so there will only be two gear changes happening on the day! 

Last time this did a 2.5 second 60foot, with a decent jump off the line just sluggy through the rest of 1st.

This has steel wheels on it at the moment, I've got a bid on some 14x5 alloys which will hopefully be a little lighter maybe.

This was my best run from last time. Left lane obviously haha.


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It might be the cam chain tensioners having a hernia. 
It's fairly violent sounding whatever it is.
I've never replaced any of them because I'm a scumbag. 
Its such a dick punch to replace tensioners and chain, that I'd rather just take the motor out to do it.
In order to do anything with cams or springs I'd need to do this, and CBF levels are very high.
If this motor has to come out it wont be the same one going back in.


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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup

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