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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup


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Nah I think the MAF is lying about the jump up at the end. Probably because the entire throttle diameter feeding everything is smaller than one of your intake runners!

The wideband and fuel map paint a more ordinary picture. 
But looks like peak torque at about 5000 which is not too bad of a starting point.


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Alpha N grossness


Full throttle is bang on target but on the steep transition part of the slope it's tricky to get it right.

Might hook up a map sensor on the factory inlet manifold just to see how far from atmospheric pressure it is at full throttle.


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On the weight loss theme. A mate and I had a 4wd Subaru Leone wagon we thought we'd make into an off road buggy. We removed all panels and doors, chopped off the roof at the bottom of the windscreen height, chopped the back off at the rear most suspension mounting point and put the fuel tank where the back seat was. Added a single roll over bar and a bar across the tops of the chopped pillars. Now this isn't recommended for a tidy road going car but the performance increase was staggering. In the length of an industrial Dunedin block (maybe 100-150m max) we were cracking 130kph, it kicked the ass off my Mazda gtx at the time too.    Never did take it off roading though, someone drove past and offered good coin for it.

And that's my story.


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On 09/10/2020 at 23:28, a.craw4d said:

Stripping out the interior an option?

It'll make a bigger difference down the 1/4.

Weighed it today. 
Without driver 865kg with full tank of gas and some junk in the car.

Only thing missing is spare tyre, which isnt there cos someone stole it.

Wonder how much the rear and passenger seats would account for.

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Yeah its a case of every single part in this car is no heavier than it needs to be.

Like you'd expect to undo 14mm bolts but they are 12. Expect 12 and they're 10. And so on.
The waterpump pulley is held on with 3 10mm head (6mm) bolts. hah.

Then interior parts are only held in with a single bolt or just plastic clips.
Plastic intake manifold.
4-1 exhaust manifold thats about 200mm long.
13x5 steel wheels with 155 wide tyres.
stuff like that all adds up.

Pretty amazing it's got ABS and airbags, aircon, stuff like that and still able to be so light.

However this may all be part of why it only has around 64hp at the wheels haha!

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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Exhaust in progress / new big block setup

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