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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup


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After that collector it's basically a straight run. Could probably easy-ishly convert it to a long 4-1 or 4-2-1 
The cat converter normally starts fairly close to where this is cut off.
Which is interesting because my understanding is the idea of the short 4-1 design is to get heat into the cat converter quicker. but it's not right up against the extractors. 
Maybe a single pipe just loses a lot less heat than 4 small ones. 


EDIT: That reminds me I've seen this mentioned somewhere before. 
This was in a paper about the 2ZZ motor.


Interesting to see how much heat is lost by having individual pipes in a 2-1 section.
Also the power losses from having a gap in the flexy join to the 2-1 section. 4kw loss for a 4mm gap!

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send me some stock ones and some kinda way of knowing what space got to work with.   will see if can knock something up for you.  I'll take over the roman dave go fund me OS donations to pay for materials haha.    Whats the od of the tube?

Yeah that part is pretty sensitive,    and seems like another indication  anti revision chambers are bs.      Almost looks like that pipe in pic directly after the merge has a choke section then a cone out. well a peasant version of that setup.   


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Not sure how to explain the science behind it.   but  If mess around with sizes and cone angles etc  can  grab power in different places. the more aggressive the angle is seems give more bottom end.    can do some massive megaphone setup.  but fitment is an issue in most cases.   the double cone setup ive been using on my stuff seems to be a good compromise.     The "choke" section,  basically want to go small as possible without restricting power.   then cone out.  

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