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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup


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42 minutes ago, Roman said:

Did someone say graph? 


Too bad 

Yeah would be a 1300cc rev monster. 



A 1NZFE has a mean piston speed of 25.4 meters per second at 9000rpm. 

A 2NZ at 25.4 meters per second would be revving to 10,350rpm, and the mega long rod motor would be able to deal with it a little better.

Doesnt mean its possible to rev a 2NZ that high without other issues though. But it would certainly be glorious! haha

 2.06 is up there!  assuming the 1.3 will want to make power at higher rpm, with all your top end on it.   i see more flying rods in your future

Also being picky, but the 4a/7a combo is 1.78.  no one likes an inaccurate graph


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Sorry - fixed it 

Yeah one of the local guys who rallies 2NZ motors says they eventually break if you keep them going to 8000rpm. 

So a 10k motor would be on a very limited lifespan without strong rods haha. 

then there are issues like the oil pump wanting to explode, and so on! 

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On 14/06/2022 at 18:55, Roman said:

Not quite sure what's gonna happen from here as I'm fairly financially steamed until probably end of year at least.


On 15/06/2022 at 06:18, Muncie said:

Setup a give a little page I'd definitely throw some coin your way to see one of my favourite builds not stall.


On 15/06/2022 at 12:25, Stu said:

Same, happily throw in a fiddy to see another block put in this thing asap



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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup

Are your header pipes the right size or do they need to be bigger? 

Looks like the design isn't too bad, you might be able to chop off the crappy factory collector and do a better one while the engine is out? 

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I think somewhere in the thread there is mention of ebay headers? but needs the exhaust changed to 3" so waiting on that. I would also send some corn for a new block, since this is the best build thread on oldschool etc.

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Yeah I've got the ebay headers here but they were gross. 

Larger diameter runners but didnt make any difference, and had other issues such as leaking from everywhere possible. 
Touching the gearbox cables. Rigid mounting the flexi join via stupid design. 

I dont have any welding skills or equipment so V1.0 of the exhaust will definitely just be from those standard extractors back.

Ideally would be much longer length, but the diameter of the standard ones are fine for the port size.

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