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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup


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On 02/10/2020 at 17:38, Roman said:

Hi everyone. 

Is this car a boring daily? Absolutely fucking yes. It's been bloody good, I've owned it for many years and it's gone from 30,000km to nearly 190,000 almost faultlessly.
It's not my daily anymore though, as I have a work car. So it's time to reward it's faithful service by beating it up.

Well, you certainly beat it up. Good job!

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3 hours ago, cletus said:

While I am disappointed for you,

I think that engine deserves a high 5 for its efforts, I'm surprised that didn't happen sooner tbh  

Yeah 100%, its been a worthy effort for an essentially stock motor with minimal mods.
One one hand I should have sorted the rods already, but, hindsight aye?
(and too much effort if it seemed okay without them)
Not quite sure what's gonna happen from here as I'm fairly financially steamed until probably end of year at least.
I've got the 1300 motor there still, maybe chuck the good head / cams combo on it, and see how VVTI goes with the full range of travel

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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - RIP 1NZ

Ew imagine all the brits you'd get with an oilyfans page


1 hour ago, fletch said:

Time for a big block 2zr-fxe ?

Nah they have rockers in the head, and there's no way you'll rev them out to anywhere fun. Everythings a lot more expensive.

Cheap and cheerful has been the name of the game here.

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Aquas are pretty popular ram raid car at moment so you've chosen a good donor.

Setup a give a little page I'd definitely throw some coin your way to see one of my favourite builds not stall.

Also how close to the moon were your RPM's when the guts flew out?

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32 minutes ago, Roman said:

If I reeealllly wanted to save some money, I could buy a bare block at zebra or pick a part for about 100 bucks.
There's a few of the right shape/year Prius's there, but it's hard to tell if they have 5 billion kms on them or not. 
Just costs a day of mucking around to get it out instead and there's more risk that it might be a dud motor.

Like the BMW high km M10 turned into M12/m13 F1 motors, maybe these are the ones to go for :)



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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup

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