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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup


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18 hours ago, CUL8R said:

Rather than a bolt, why not put studs in and then you just have a nut to worry about?

A bolt physically cant come out unless the top bolt comes undone as well. 
Because it cant unwind far enough to come out of the slotted part. 
A nut makes me a little more nervous about it coming off and the motor eating it. Although that's probably next to impossible.

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17 hours ago, fletch said:

Is it possible to just set a max acceleration ramp? And have a knob to change the slope depending on available traction?

The ECU outputs a value called Engine Speed Rate of Change.
But it's not great.
This generation ECU (G4+) doesn't have any capabilities for smoothing or averaging, so the results are very jumpy. 
I checked to see if the rate of change in the first 3 gears would be anything useful, but it's a mess.

I think for a max accel ramp to work, you really need an equivalent of a non driven wheel speed signal. in which case you may as well look at slip rate directly.
Maybe an accelerometer would do the trick, but untangling yaw/roll/pitch/etc from straight line acceleration is big task.
This is what ROC looks like, a bit messy: 


But for easy adjustment at drags etc, I can setup another axis on the rpm limiter table that is controlled by a potentiometer or canbus input. 
As ideally it would be nice to have it adjustable in cabin without a laptop hooked up.

Speaking of such things though, with some bodgery I managed include my 20hz GPS into the data that my dash outputs back to the ECU. 
(and use for dash stuff I guess)
So this can give a rough equivalent of a non driven wheel speed: (might need to add some smoothing)


I'm not sure if this will work well enough to use for traction control off the line though. It has some weird bumps in the values sometimes.
But after butting my head against NMEA data for a bit, (thanks, person who wrote a library to decode it) there's some interesting stuff that comes in from GPS. 
You can get the date and time from a GPS signal too, which is kinda cool. As well as which direction you are travelling in. And Altitude.

Also it can plot latitude and longitude, so you can draw a map.
Because it's in the same log file as everything else, you can overlay TPS position, or vehicle speed, or whatever else as a colour scale.
My fairly bodged together code for this ends up wrapping the values at the moment, if you go too far.


Not sure how useful this will be, as I've got no motivation to completely reinvent the wheel of Racechrono etc. Which is already very useful and easy to use. 


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1 hour ago, cletus said:

Have you considered some tyres more suitable for drag racing so you can maximize your times? 

I will have some considerably better options available to test on the day. :grin:

However I'm still keen to see what it can do on a 185 with a bit of trickery.

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19 minutes ago, Spencer said:

Note all the supertourers use ram air and point the airbox out the front, haz to be some gainz there but understand you dont have much space.

So you will also need to move your motor back, fit a quaife sequential box and high pressure outboard injection.

Interestingly that car has 12 injectors on it, staged at different points of RPM/load.

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  • Roman changed the title to Romans 2005 Toyota Echo - Back to 1300cc setup

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