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Nissan Micra k11 - number five. SCUTTLE SHAKE...


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4 hours ago, yoeddynz said:

@oldrx7  Fuck - I'd love to rescue a rusty superturbo but I had said to myself and hannah no more rusty cars.

But super turbo!!!

Doesn't matter that it's rusty does it? Purely an engine donor for the yellow mobile + maybe some other limited edition turbo model stuff none of us know about? 

You've already got the donor LSD, you've gotta get the donor turbo.

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Yeah I think quite a few have been converted however its not all plain sailing plus they are quite a heavy engine, even though all alloy. Spoil those Micra dynamics...

I see a little turbo install in the future. Decided we will put the 1.0 and auto into Milly, the first micra and sell on for what ever we can get. Then split the second Micra (Madge?) down, use the nice bits needed to put into the 3rd Micra (Molly?) , keep all the other spares and scrap the shell  (or build a really naff Micra trailer....)

Lowering will take place but its gonna be subtle to start with... only last night we visited some friends up the Marahau Valley and it involves a ford crossing. No way the Imp would even go near it and a lowered Micra might scrape.

Skid plates you say?......

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nissan Micra k11 - number five. SCUTTLE SHAKE...

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