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Nissan Micra k11 - number five. SCUTTLE SHAKE...


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@ajg193 Oh shit- you are correct.


@locost_bryan  Hannah's sister Leila had two pet ferrets. Molly and Daisy. She took them for walks on leads and they held their ground very well against all the neighbours cats and dogs. Fearless little buggers- very cool pets *


*but not really suited for showing off on the streets in NZ....people frown upon pet Mustelids here...

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Yeah something like that. But really the second one (now not the new one and still has no official name Megan?) just sort of had to be bought on the basis that it was such a bargain for all them juicy bits. Could have got away without buying it. But how could we not?

And the yellow one. 2 door! wow. Its perfect.

We are probably going to split the 2nd one down and keep a few spares from both that and the yellow one after building the 'perfect one'. Sell the remaining bits off.

Sell on Millie soon- once we know which is the best 1.3 engine we have.

Or some sort of.. 'scribbled on our addled brains notepads future plans that wont save us any money but seem perfect right now' ..idea

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nissan Micra k11 - number five. SCUTTLE SHAKE...

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