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On 05/05/2020 at 08:28, dabuzz said:

That is a different motor, was my spare standard one, not as detailed as the one sitting in my car, but a nice original motor for a resto.

I decided to sell it, no point having all that money tied up, when the car is still just a giant paperweight.

Its cheap, but it doesn't owe me a lot, and i'm hoping someone will snap it up so I can pour the $ into panel and paint.

oh sweet.

i would say thats a good idea. 

have you got a date for the body to go to choppers?

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I use Terei Brothers platers in West Auckland, but any electroplater can do it, just ask for either gold or silver passivating

I just send in a bucket of old dirty rusty parts, and they come back mostly mint, not always though depends on how bad the rust is, pitting etc wont be fixed unless you prep and polish the parts first.

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