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DABUZZ'z 1971 Mazda Capella RE


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And this is the point after so much effort that the bodywork side turns to shit.

2 kids later in quick succession, a house purchase etc etc, I had no time to carry on with it, so I got Chopper from Choppers Autobody to quote  getting it finished to the body repair certed stage. price was agreed and while I was saving I was chatting to a "panelbeater' (he does it every day for a job)mate he was saying he was broke, and had heaps of spare time, I said take the car and finish the body work, needed quite a few little patches finishing off, the L/H 1/4 rust repaired , sills etc. - mates rates off the price -= winning.


Fail - what I got back was a mess, and now Chopper has re-quoted and id say it'll cost around 5k just to fix the Fk-ups and get me back to the repair cert stage, so bad in fact, that the L/H rear 1/4 now has to come off, and have custom made arch made, and new sills - gutted beyond belief, should have stuck with original plan, but it is what it is, and now im just waiting for Chopper to come free again

No pics cos I just cant stand to look at it:(

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