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August 2021 taupo track day


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It will be rad to see a lot of the same faces along. What are all your thoughts on doing a 10 lap race for the cars with cages?

also so thinking of maybe an hour or 2 Of frack time dedicated to time attack style hot laps for non caged cars.

keep things mixed up for the drivers so it’s not just a day of cruising

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The idea of a race really excites me, but I’m not sure how the motorsport park would view it. Technically you can’t run anything competitive without a motorsport permit for insurance and liability reasons. 

We’d probably need get away with an unofficial rolling start race though....

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On 29/03/2020 at 13:57, bigfoot said:

Might have time to

1. Pick up new car from other end of country

2. Carry out engine swap

3. Fit new suspension and wheels

Keen for a track day in whatever I have running


Edit: just saw the 2021 part. Somebody slap me if I don't have something ready

hey never know may even have a V8 scorpion by then ;) 

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