OLDSCHOOL.CO.NZ DRAG DAY MK7 - December 7 2019

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Location: Meremere Dragway

Date: Saturday December 7th, 2019

Time: 8:00am Scruitineering

10:00am - 3:30pm Racing

Cost: $80 entry fee. Same price as last year.


Photo by Mrs _Matt

The event is open to all Oldschool or Retro cars and bikes. Special dispensations on this rule may be granted to members.

We will  be running the full timing system this year, the same as last year. The afternoon will consist of competitive DYO races but the electronic timing will be in use throughout the day. So you'll receive an ET and a trap speed at the end of each run as well as a printout of all your vital statistics including your reaction and 60 foot times. Exactly what you need to see where you could gain an extra tenth of a second in your Hillman Imp and drop it into the 22 second bracket.

Rules, requirements and answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • An Oldschool or retro car or bike running NO FASTER than an 11.0 second ET
  • Pre 1990 vehicles take preference for entries but we will consider some vehicles that fall outside this category for oldschool members.
  • ONE entry per vehicle. If you want to bring more than one vehicle then that is fine, but each vehicle will need to be paid for separately
  • Registration and WoF, or for non-roadworthy vehicles an NZDRA tech inspection or MSNZ logbook
  • A crash helmet, up to current standards
  • Covered footwear
  • All Rotary powered manual vehicles will need a scatter shield or approved bellhousing (with proof of approval). Automatic transmission equipped rotary powered vehicles running an ET of SLOWER than 10.0 seconds are exempt from this rule.
  • Radiator overflow and secure battery
  • Semi slicks are permitted, as are stripped interiors and open headers. No full slicks as the rules permit DOT rated tyres only.
  • We are not running a prepped track. This pushes entry fees up by at leas twice the cost. Be careful.
  • No passengers permitted
  • No static burnouts on the track other than on the designated burnout area. 
  • Fire and clean up gear is provided by the track team, but if you cause a spill or require use of the extinguishers you will be expected to reimburse them for these costs
  • No animals permitted on the track.
  • No alcohol or drug consumption permitted on track, pits or staging area.

Put the date in your calendar and and start preparing your vehicles (and yourselves) for the day! Please tell your friends with old vehicles that they're welcome to enter! We encourage new faces and cars at this event, just like at all oldschool events.

Last year was a beauty so let's step it up again and make this one even better! 

If you have any questions or comments, please ask them in the DISCUSSION THREAD 


Thanks, hope to see you all there!

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Entry update @ 5/11/19 - 67 entries (2 withdrawals). 

IF YOU HAVEN'T PAID, please make your payments soon :)

# Name Username Vehicle PAID?
1 Tim Wittermans @66gt HSV VS Senator 1996 PAID
2 Tom Misa @Testament Fiat 124 Coupe 1974 PAID
3 Ben Jones @keltik 1989 Mazda MX5 NOT PAID
4 David Robertson @dave123456789 94 Nissan Skyline GTR NOT PAID
5 Richard Opie Snoozin Honda Integra Type R 1964 WITHDRAWN
6 Tui Tauroa @tuit Toyota Carina 1984 PAID
7 Brandon Geaney   1970 chev nova NOT PAID
8 Matthew vos   Mazda b2000 1984 PAID
9 Matt Doherty   Nissan Skyline 1990 PAID
10 Blair Phipps @GreenTC 1978 Triumph 2500TC PAID
11 Graeme Rowe @2110beetle Volkswagen Beetle 1970 PAID
12 Matt Johns   Porsche 944 1984 NOT PAID
13 Brent Shaw @Archetype 2018 Chuck Taylor NOT PAID
14 Kaelen van Vugt   Honda Integra NOT PAID
15 David Torckler Davidt Vauxhall, magnum, 1977 NOT PAID
16 Estelle Johnston-Hunt @EstelleFace Honda, CRX, 1989 NOT PAID
17 Drew blewett @vk327 Holden VK commodore 1986 PAID
18 Mark Ireland @CorollaGT Toyota Corolla GT 1997 PAID
19 Jake iti Jakeiti Land Rover series 3 1976 NOT PAID
20 Ollie Genet 10 Keddell Street Toyota Corolla KE20 PAID
21 Adrian Hill @sluggy 1962 Chev C20 NOT PAID
Harding Robert Mitch
  1988 toyota Cressida MX73 PAID
23 Haden Wasley   1989 Mazda Luce PAID
24 Luke keir @Lukexkeir Nissan Sentra SSS PAID
25 Christopher read @chris r 89 honduh crx or 79 tonner NOT PAID
26 chris freeman @Fuckedifiknow 1973 datsun 160j sss NOT PAID
27 Blair Irwin   1983 Toyota Corolla DX , Lexus V8 PAID
28 Matt Keeys @_Matt 1951 Chevy Pickup PAID
29 Bevan Redpath   1936 Morris 8 special 1275cc NOT PAID
30 Matthew Sutherland @Geophy 1985 Toyota Corolla NOT PAID
31 todd maddren   camaro 1972 PAID
32 Adam Jenkin   Morris, Mini 1000, 1979 PAID
33 Ned van Geffen Ned 1984 Toyota Starlet
34 Dave Purdie   Mazda Rx4 coupe NOT PAID
35 Karl Dadson   Mazda 323 wagon 1980 PAID
36 Michaela Crooks   1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S NOT PAID
37 Gavin Gardner @Gavin Ford capri gxl 1974 PAID
38 Jarred de Farias   Mazda JC Cosmo 1993 PAID
39 Stuart @Stupra 1989 Toyota Supra 3.0GT PAID
40 James flavell   Toyota cressida 1986 PAID
41 Pooman @Poo Lambretta Li150 '59 NOT PAID
42 Trent Bennett   Holden Commodore 1982 NOT PAID
43 Clint Field @cletus Dunnoyet PAID
44 Billy Adams @Terminator 2 Nissan Pulsar, GTIR, 1990 PAID
45 Matthew jarrett   1989 honda civic hatch NOT PAID
46 Robert Conlon   71 HQ Holden Monaro PAID
47 Craig McGill @kiwisurf Ford Escort 1979 PAID
48 Doug Rawson   Mazda 808 Station Wagon 1976 PAID
49 Paul hollingsworth @Papso44 1975 toyota ke25 NOT PAID
50 Al Kopustas   1986 Porsche 944 Turbo NOT PAID
51 Richard Macnaughtan @Avenga 1980 Chrysler Avenger V8 Wagon PAID
52 Jack Smith @jackeo21 Toyota Corona Mark II 1983 PAID
53 Steven Grant Blair Spikee Holden kingswood 1974 PAID
Warwick Burridge
  Ford, F100, 1955 NOT PAID
Matthew David Key
  Morris, Minor 1000, 1961 PAID
56 Kyron Campbell Lung 1974 hq holden PAID
57 Ash Barr @Ashkellybarr Toyota, altezza, 1998 NOT PAID
58 Ryan Jarmey LEOS 01 1985 Holden VK Commodore PAID
59 Derek Kaijser @TcFxGt4AGE 1984 Toyota AE86 Trueno PAID
60 Cale young Caleb36 Toyota soarer 1991 NOT PAID
61 Andre Barnes   1997 forrestor turbo NOT PAID
62 Daniel Carter   84 Chevy Camaro Z28 NOT PAID
63 Matt Keesing @RXFORD 1985 Honda City (Honda Rousey) PAID
64 Tank Er @macabre Honda civic 93 NOT PAID
65 Mateja Matic @M M BMW 328i 1995 NOT PAID
Logan Burmester
  BMW E30 1988 NOT PAID
67 Mike Huang @Cannabis 1986 BMW 535i PAID
68 Jai Monaghan @minicranks mini 1959 998 cc NOT PAID
69 James Pearse


Mazda 323 1979 PAID

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