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Con’s chopped ve discussion


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2 hours ago, Casper said:

How's the wagon coming along con. You gota throw up some pics of that twin blower set up!

this was the one with the twin blowers but got pissed off with trying to get all the belts and pulles set up ,so took it off 

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20 minutes ago, Nominal said:

Welcome @con - I enjoyed you build of the gasser on the nz-hotrod forum

back in the day.

Nice work on the new one!


thanks the gasser was a fun build ,and  is a fun car to own and drive .this one was just to see how much i can modifiey a boring old 4 door 


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hi all haven't been on for a few months, been a hard few weeks , my wife died of cancer 6 weeks ago  . so i haven't done much car wise ,the roof chopped ve as going to be her car so i haven't got the heart to work on it , so its going in to storage just to get it out of site . so i thought i would do a fun car for me ,had a spare ve wagon here so i am making another gasser , this one is drag car only , got a chrysler 400 and 727 a axle out of a dodge truck and a ford explorer diff  .the car is real rusty in the floors and chassis so i am cutting it all out and making my own chassis and new floors , here a fw pics .


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