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Pretty keen to get some meet ups/events going on round the bay. I see there’s a few lurkers on here from round these parts. 

Even if your old car isn’t going would be good to have a meet up and yarn about gross cars over a few beers. @00quattro00 and I are often working on our old shit most weekends so keen to get something together. Who’s down?

@Ash-he @Leebo3 and others 

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On 23/05/2019 at 05:45, Leebo3 said:

I don’t think we have ever had more than 3 Hawke’s Bay people at a local meet before,  seems like no one ever wants to exit their caves. 

/let’s do some stuff

I miss taking the escort to meets. Actually i just simply miss having escort on the road. But life and monies have dictated that priorities had to sit elsewhere for some time. 


We are still here. Lurking. One day soon after I'm done incubating our newest oldschooler then we can crack on to getting back out to stuff. We almost have Evan's car road ready too so at least ONE of us in the family will have an oldschool car on the road. Amusing that it will be the car of the one that cannot legally drive yet... 

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1 hour ago, TimShadboltfan27 said:

yea hell yea lets get  the moped pest club in full swing 

@Ash-he lemme know if you needa hand getting scoot together 

Cheers man!

its a 5min job, i just need to take the Styrofoam wing and visor templates off  haha

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