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ThePog lied about finishing the Dynafari


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3 minutes ago, sidewaysickness said:

I'm going to start spamming your you tube channel saying things like "we need to see the sexiness behind this voice"

P.s... Clean your workshop, I'm not mad... just disappointed. 

I know, it was windy as fuck and all the leaves got blown in the door, im sorry :-(

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  • ThePog changed the title to ThePog implements balance on the Dynafari
1 minute ago, maxted said:

That truck driver was me haha

Also saw you on the motorway this morning, can spot it so far away, this thing looks so aggressive i love it! nice work mate

Ah lolol, I thought the excitement was right up there, it made my day tbh..

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47 minutes ago, felixx said:

I love this. If it was mine I would paint NZ army Clay colour and matt black some 'features' people will think you have invaded!


Cheers Felixx... I have thought about painting it and army tan would be the colour of choice if I did.

However beaten up poverty white is very very high on my list of desirable vehicle finishes and I don't have to care or pay money to achieve it.

When I had the Lada station wagon I painted it army green, the problem with that is changed it from invisible to 'look at meee', I'm not sure I want the same effect here. I like that it kindof looks like it could be factory...

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I was pleased it didn't shit itself getting up spooner's, the big fan came on near the top which is the first time that has happened since the radiator mod. It was all very calm and capable as I'm sure @Willdat? can attest.

This means it is closer to a proper trip, probably down Chch way to collect on the many sexual favours owed to me by @sidewaysickness

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  • ThePog changed the title to ThePog lied about finishing the Dynafari

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