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Help: setting up dial bore gauge


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Right, so have rebuilt a few d16 engines and have had no issues. usually we get the crank inspected by an outworker and is measured etc. i usually mic the thing myself to note the values for peace of mind. however, ive been using plastigage to note the bearing clearance and the GM is not happy with it. he wants full measurement done , which is cool and i can understand that. 
IN the past ive used the t style pieces where you push in, put in place. hit the btton they shoot out and you mic that. 
I dont have those here, but do have a dial bore gauge. have had a look at a few tutorials but im not picking it up and its making me feel fucking stupid.
SO questions are:

#1 can a dial bore gauge be used to measure big end and main bearings 

#2 How do i set this up. Mainly you have the gauge setup, and a set of anvils. say the the spec is 112.3mm or i have the bearings setup and i measure that to the same. do i grab a 112 anvil and .5 spacer? or is there a piece of paper missing from the case that tells me how to add the anvil to the setup.

Any help appreciated as ive asked for the above mentioned gauge kit thing but get the feeling im meant to be able to do it with this. 


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yeah will depend on the gauge if its two point or three point thing and how it is intended to be setup. some of them are intended to be setup on a test ring of a known ID three point ones are more likely to be like this. two point ones could be setup with gauge blocks where  you set your gauge block stack and then have anvil pieces that go on either end so you can measure in between.

often there are several ways to do these things depending what tools you have, how much time you can spend and what accuracy is necessary

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