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Re-Repainting my Mk2 Panelvan


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Hey all,

I decided I wanted to repaint my mk2 escort panelvan a few years ago.

So I stripped it back to bare metal, bought an air compressor and sprayed it with etch primer from Supercheap Auto.

Most of it is etch primered now, and I have put a few layers of primer on one side, that I also got from Supercheap Auto.

There is now surface rust on most of the vehicle, so I'm going to have to strip it back again - which I think is good as someone told me that I should never use paint from Supercheap/Repco and to buy some two-part epoxy primer and use that in place of the etch primer. After that to bog any holes, and then put a couple of coats of primer, then the final coat (which I would prefer a professional to do).

My questions are:

1. What is the best/quickest way to get the rusted primer layers off? (I used a sanding wheel on a grinder the first time round as there were many layers of old paint).

2. Can anyone recommend a brand of two-part epoxy to use? And bog? I'm based in Napier, Hawke's Bay.

3. If all else fails, does anyone know of someone who specialises in this kind of thing in Hawke's Bay? I contacted a local company who were going to quote to get the job done but they never showed up.

Any help would be much appreciated - I'm very keen to get my panelvan on the road again!!

Thank you :)

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Primer is indeed porous. You could try using some phosphoric acid but you're better off to clean it all off with a DA sander. 

Look at doing the etch and surface primer pretty quickly. Then sand the next weekend and paint the weekend after. All the time inside. 

As for the bog get the easy sanding stuff rather than the fibreglass re-enforced stuff. It is a pain to sand. 

For paint go to a paint store and get some mixing cups and stirers at the same time. They'll have a colour chart book and just choose from that. Whichever paint you decide to get ask them to write the mixing ratios on the tin. Then you'll be able to see which part of the cup to use no worries. 

I use 2k paint because I'm lazy. 

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Durapox is great for industrial stuff and car floors etc but it goes hard as rock so using it as an etch on a resto type job wouldnt be ideal. 

best stuff to put over bare steel is 2 pack epoxy etch, then do any filler work etc over that, then more epoxy to seal it off then use 2 pack high fill primer for filling sanding scratches etc.

1: best way to get all of that rusty primer off is a DA and a whole bunch of sanding

2: any 2 pack epoxy will be good, bog can be a personal preference but I use the upol fantastic. go to complete paints or total body shop. complete paints may be a bit more helpful seeing as you're new to paint. both in onekawa

3: I'm a panel beater in Napier, old cars/rust is my specialty. PM me if needed

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