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MS112 Crown Auto trans Woes.

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So I've got a MS112 Jap import Crown. 5M-E with A43D Auto trans. The bloody thing will not engage Overdrive and I cant fathom why.

- I've replaced the engine temp sensor. No Joy

- Tested the O/D switch on the dash. Works fine.

- Traced the wires down to the O/D solenoid and probed whist operating the switch - Power is switching.

- Swapped the O/D solenoid - Still doesn't engage O/D

- Theres another cylinder shaped thing next to the O/D solenoid with a single pink wire going to it? some sort of pressure sensor?

Basically Im stumped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Will have a look at a few of the manuals I have,



Sometimes I have found that the port where the Overdrive solenoid goes is rather small, and can get blocked.

I dont think I ever figured out what the Pink wire does with these lol. I think something to do with Torque converter lock up but I can confirm.

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