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Kirk28’s 230 wag 1/2 cut 115 dissco


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also keen to hear from others who have gone down this road. Especially owner of this 30’ corolla and trailer.. like the idea of a door opening like this to create a platform and to use the back bench seat, just not sure how water proof it would be, or how much harder to make it seal properly. That doesn’t look to water proof to me.





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10 hours ago, cletus said:

I had ideas of building one but they always look weird. 

I thought if you got 2 bums of the same vehicle and cut them in the same place then joined them together that might look better



Have seen this done with a Jag; can’t find the pic now but still looked kinda weird. The other thing is due to parking constraints in my underground parking, it needs to be as short but practical as possible.

10 hours ago, kyteler said:

I've seen them executed both ways.  They're one of those things that seems like a good idea but seldom translates into reality. 

Yep most look crap. Some not too bad. But I think it really comes down to how you finish off the front. I’m not having the side doors functional, just the side door windows and the factory electric side cargo window.

Really it’s about not wasting a couple of awesome but fucked wagons, and also it will be mega handy.  Also as the floor of the wagons are totally flat with the seats folded, it’s a pretty ideal model to this with.

Most of the converts i’ve seen online have been pretty bloody ugly, as in wholly shit ugly.

Some of the most successful ones i’ve seen are Mini’s and landrovers, and check out the awesome Civic trailer.

still hoping I can get one good 230 wagon outta this too; but camper trailer first.




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