Mourning Cupcake

Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

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It's nearly that time again!

Time to head to the lovely Hawkes Bay for some fun times!


I'm talking bike rides, cruises, 4-square (and sometimes even 6-square. WHAAAT?)


Same weekend as usual - Labour weekend 19th - 22nd October. For you lucky Hawkes Bay dwellers, this is also your anniversary weekend

Same trusty Christian camp just out of Clive

Maybe even have some sort of wheeled race down the slight incline to camp? Bring your kids trike or red wagon and lets see how they go!


Registration Form UP! -


Entry List - 17/10/18

  1. KK
  2. Shaz
  3. Yowzer
  4. Mourning Cupcake
  5. Steelies
  6. Goat
  7. Dogwatch
  8. Geophphy
  9. Seedy Al
  10. Bizzo
  11. Kicker
  12. Ms Kicker
  13. Beaver
  14. UTERUS
  15. AllTorque
  16. Lovechild
  17. ShavenYak
  18. Shakotom
  19. Kateums
  20. Testament
  21. Lowlife
  22. BigValueBuddy
  23. Hayhole
  24. Baby K


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