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Snorkpipe's 1986 GSXR 7/12 Build

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Went for a 1300km ride over labour weekend. Oil temp got up to 140c when thrashing it between Napier and Taihape.

I have an 1100 oil cooler from a later model bike, and new valving to control the oil flow through the cooling system.

From this:



To this:


11 rows to 14 rows, much wider and curved. Will make an air guiding duct for the top, and fit foam inside the fairings to guide the air through the cooler.


Also have a set of 36mm flat slides I'm currently rebuilding to fit on because more power is good power. (It has plenty)



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Well, yes, but I suspect that rider skill has rather a lot to do with it. You modest, talented bugger.

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