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Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

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Need to mention again thanks to @Thphantum and @MaxPower for the amazing commitment to the weekend, throwing themselves into the deep end of a crazy oldschool sorta gathering by picking up the pieces of the weekends antics as they died roadside,bike or otherwise.

This sorta event couldn't happen without a support vehicle or 2 as the last few days have shown.  

Roadside bunnings snags, broken bikes, broken people, broken support vehicles, supply restocking, gear carting, the list goes on, they did it all without complaint

A+ guys


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Home safe and sound ! What a epic 6 days away that was. Cant thank you organisers and the support drivers enough. You guys really put on a chilled and great vibe weekend that I cant stop smiling about. Really appreciate the warm welcome that QCR recieved . We said we were bringing the noise to the north and feel we can tick that box. Amazing rides. Amazing Gcs. Cold beers. Warm pies. Great memories. thank you all so much

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Like everyone else said, huge thanks to @MaxPower and @Thphantum for everything you did, you guys are true GCs, and can't be thanked enough for your help.

Bloody rippa cunt @HighLUX for securing the use of the batch again.

Fucking ace cunts @Archetype for the stickers, and @BLIZZO for the patches.

Top notch blokes @RUNAMUCK and @chris r for not dying.

HUGE thanks to everyone who came along, you are all champs, and a credit to your mothers.

Also, all you nutty south island guys for traveling such a long way to join us, respect.


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2 hours ago, johnnyfive said:

Ended up in the Opotiki newspaper, in what is possible the worst article ever. Will post a pic up later

Fucking lols.

when you told that reporter oh hai this guy will give you a quote, my mind literally went blank. and I couldnt think of one single witty, on point, or otherwise printable thing to say. 

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Pretty much.
much of that purple has begun to turn that sickly yellow colour today. leg hurts shitloads less too. but my ribs are now sore as fuck. Work this week is a place where I don't think i'll be going tbh. Holding my SJ50 slaying Dio wide open is heaps easier than lifting heavy shit. 

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