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Ash’s 85 Toyota crumpy

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Trashed the tits off it. Got it completely air borne witch was pretty sweet. Steering wheels on the piss now.

check YouTube for a decline where the rear started to lift and come around.

dug out by safs and landys, pretty much just coasted down on my diffs


found a place called church (check rd sign) that was well setup and spent some time smoking and drinking there before coming back to civilisation 




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Carb crapped it self and started leaking fuel, motors non cross flow to so straight onto the exh manifold, mint.

thankfully these things are really popular in the states and parts are cheap on eBay, seal kit was $120 or whole new carb for $210.

Should take 3 or so weeks to turn up so thought I’d work on some other things while I wait on that. Like the swivel hubs I’ve been putting off for some time..

Rebuilding swivel hubs sucks dick. NZAD did a really good kit that came with a bucket load of shims and good quality seals witch was around 100 and something. 

I’ll go to saeco tomorrow and get new wheel bearings and C clips that have plyer holes. factory ones don’t and left me throwing tools around in anger for some time





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Got it running on the new carb, only idles with the choke so need to spend some time setting it up. But it runs and doesn’t leak so thats a win for this week.

got the wheel bearings too. At $150 they cost x5 what the carina ones did, and $40 for diff fluid too.

apprently old factory lsd’s fit in the front so might look into that too



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Ground some notches in the C clips with a thin disc on a grinder. Made it miles easier!!

so it’s wheels on and plodding around a paddock.

only thing now is getting it running well, witch is proving a lot harder then I thought.

has some weird solenoid that makes it idle with out the choke that’s feed from some very 80’s looking emissions looking box.

unfortuntly the shorted it out and can’t find the fuse for it.

jammed 12v on it and it seems to work when warm. Still runs like a bag of dicks and the idle and enrichment screws do fuck all. Pretty unhappy atm.

might tinker with the factory carb this week, really the last thing I want to be doing, and hope of OS drag week are looking slim for the DYO slayer




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It lives!

its mayden voyage from kumeu to te Atatu went without a hitch

it is hilariously slower though haha I’ll play with the carb some more and see if I can get it from low 30 1/4 miles back into the 20’s



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