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if anyone’s wondering why I’ve called it a crumpy, here’s a brief wiki explanation and videos for entertainment


Onwards with the crumpy it’s self.

turns out old hilux parts are cheap.

while driving it up the other weekend a mate went and bought a water pump for me, changed it the following day, only took an hour and bit and spent more time looking for my 12mm socket.

jumped in it last Saturday morning to get coffees for me and miss’ and the clutch went straight to the floor.

poped the bonnet, and there’s brake fluid all over the fire wall and the paints pealing.


when straight to BNT off Lincoln where the hotty behind the counter sorted me out. 2hours later brand new clutch master and slave are installed and bleed.

bit of a pain cutting 6mm off the rod with an angle grinder while holding the master full of fluid in the other hand.. owell

actually love this thing already cause I don’t even haft to jack it to work on it, let alone drive it on 6x2 blocks.

picked up up a swivel hub rebuild kit and will hopefully do those and clean the rust water that got sprayed around the engine bay when I’m not being slammed at work



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Went to the beach, did well for a simple old Ute.

had an attempt at a big sand dune climb, made all the way up until the top where I bogged getting over the peak. I’ll blame that on it being dug out by the land tank safari’s :wink:

Early jap nutter was a G and sorted me with some nessary parts to replace the leaky header core and damaged heater switch assembly. Hopefully find some time over the next couple weeks to get all these little tidy up things done.

trying to find part numbers for the 5sp g52 box as well so I can replace the seals before I swap it in


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Found time to tidy up the tractor today. Replaced some worn out interior pieces with some slightly less worn out pieces.. 

made it out to the beach also witch turned into a full day with friends. Managed to get a bit airborne, but not all 4’s unfortunately.

getting used to ratios too. Trying to get speed in 4L by shifting into 3rd before hitting a dune, but shifting halfway up a climb it bogs. Staying in 2nd means I’m not coming off the power to shift down half way up so I can make it up. Just means ringing the tits off the old 3Y haha

kept up well with the bigger guys, just sucks in super soft sand, even at 10psi in the rear

Smiles all round :)





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So I guess the cats out of the bag. Before I get into it, this is a “side quest” of sorts. Mostly in the name of fuel economy. Or at least that how I’m trying to justify it the miss’.


honda k24a2 : $1600

mc Gregor Motorsport bellhousing $750

02 civic type R flywheel $100

redrill flywheel for clutch $80

custom mrp clutch $500

k tuned Chinese replica parts $120

k20 starter $110

fuel line and fittings $200

fuel pump $120

now keep in mind the motor came with loom, ecu, transponder barrel & key, alt, coil packs, and basically a full repower package with everything I need.

will take it from the..


2L 85hp 150nm

to the Honda:

2.4L 205hp 232nm


so around double the power. not huge power, however it’ll have more then enough power to have some fun. And most of all, use half as much gas!

am waiting on the clutch plate to turn up then I’ll be able to bolt it up to the 5sp box. Mate has a class 2 buggy I’ll hook the slave upto to test the clutch setup before I try put it in.


other then that it’s just fuel system, fuse box, rad and coolant lines.

need to sort a v6 tank, possibly mounts for it.


motor swap will be slow going and something I pick away at




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Picked up a vx landy fuel tank. It’s all completely wrong tor fit up on the hilux but the pump holder and baffle plates could still be of use. Cheap and just down the road I don’t feel bad about it not fitting up.


maybe look at modding the standard fuel tank to hold the baffles and plastic tub the pump sits in.

got some fuel foam from cardwells too so I’ll  see what I can come up with.


on another side quest to the current side quest I’ve brought back a side quest from another incomplete quest in the form of an intake manifold.

honda intakes all have the throttle at the back of the motor, so being put into RWD puts them against the fire wall.

ive got a mould for a carbon intake plenum from an idea a while back. Decided not to let it go to waste. Desided I’ll make the whole intake manifold from carbon fibre.

Nick t 3D printed a mould for some runners and I’ve finished a couple already. Plenums ready to be pulled from the mould.


im just doing wet lay so it won’t look super flash, but will be very light and strong witch is kinda my goal for the whole hilux

runner diameter is the same as factory, but runner length may be longer





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Stocked! Found an alloy tray for a good deal. She’s far to big, being off a 05 single cab falcon it’s far to long and hangs over a fair bit each side.


fortunitly, it’s all bolts a riveted together so should be a piece of piss to get to mod.

The entire thing aside from the chassis mounts is alloy, me and mate could lift it easily. So cutting 800 or so off the front and 150 off each side i should be able to lift it by my self without the tail gate and sides on.

finally get rid of that water logged angle iron mess on the back! And being lighter save on gas too :wink:


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Progress. Picked up all new stainless fastnings for anything it unbolting/replacing, unfortunitly some are to short so I’ll haft to wait till I get some more but happy with how it’s going.


measuring up and doing mounts to the rails will be more of a mission it’s looking.

see how we go. Maybe make spacers and cut and tack plate?? Open to options or ideas on how to do it


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Just sitting on there atm witch is why it doesn’t look level.

Can probably refab to falcon mounts.

fit and wire lights and we’re go!

tail gate and sides are so light I can easily wave them around with one hand.

Sits a bit high but the deck rails are sitting on the chassis rails. I’ll mount it up, maybe keep and eye out for some scrap alloy lengths of C channel that’s not as tall


now I just need to get a proper tow bar setup and it won’t look so half ass farm truck haha

maybe proper step too


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Clutch is sorted. I’ll pick up a release bearing and slave so I can start booting the spare box to it to test it.

still needs skimming and balancing so if anyone has recommendations for that it would be much appreciated

made more progress on the tray. One of our fab guys is going to weld in the supports for me. Need to make new tail light hoops to suit the slimmed down tray







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Flywheel and clutch is bolted up, bellhousing done.

just waiting on some bronze to make a spigot bush and need to sauce a release bearing carrier then be good to bolt it up.



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Hit the beach on Friday night, definitely a big difference with the alloy tray. Lack of traction in the rear is very noticeable but can make it up more dunes now so long as I get my gear selection right and carry momentum.


went to the scrappy on Saturday and put it on the scales. Dropped 110kg with the new tray so happy with that!

maybe replace the front bump with an alloy one will help shift the weight back onto the rear.


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Went out again today for a bit of a play.

Headed up to the ship wreck, came across a bloke in his 2wd company vehicle bogged a couple km’s away from the exit. Super smart cookie :salute:
after snatching him out we were a couple hours from full tide. Decided to head for it and made a dash for Wilson’s. Getting around the trees we had to wait for the waves to pull out and plant it around before the next wave. Made for some excitement, but turns out ye ol crumpy doesn’t like drinking salt water.

made some horrible noises and with the dizzy being wet it ran mostly on 2-3 cyl for some time. This meant for unburnt cyl where its basically key banged its way down the beach for a couple km’s.

so much so, my muffler literately exploded like a dive bottle in a fireplace, then continued driving thowing massive exploding flames out the mangled metal.

pulled up on the dunes and cranked out the gas cooker for some dinner then headed home. And of course what do you do when your muffler explodes? Go through a tunnel :grin:


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With wof at the end of the month thought I better sort me shit and get it ready. For the past two months the tray has only been held on by two m14 bolts.

that and mud flaps, got some flaps on super cheap but their a bit small. Should be sweet for wof, I’ll keep an eye out for plastic to make some more.

new tail exhaust too. Took it from 1.75” to a mighty 2” and the muffler from 600mm to 500mm.





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