Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

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replaced all the lip seals on the crank and both ends of the gearbox.

tapped and fitted some 1/8 NPT hose tail fittings to the fluid cooler lines and then i put the box in the car. 

it fits.

dont have the gearbox crossmember in yet, ill make the mods to that tomorrow night. 


48486290006_2f1a988507_o.jpg2019-08-08_07-51-57 by sheepers, on Flickr


48486449937_aa9d91bf1f_o.jpg2019-08-08_07-51-47 by sheepers, on Flickr



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finished modifying the crossmember and put it back in the car.

everything's done now, fluid lines hooked up, kick down connected, shifter connected and spedo cable hooked in.

just need my drive shaft back (should be Tuesday) then its test drive time.

cant hook up the converter lock until i figure out how the fluid pressure circuit works which ill know when i drive it. 


48499388261_ed6d925d6c_o.jpg2019-08-10_12-08-21 by sheepers, on Flickr


48499562187_9d68d2dc71_o.jpg2019-08-10_12-08-29 by sheepers, on Flickr

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