Yoeddynzs 1965 Datsun powered Hillman Imp. Shiny things and Nipples.

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Front radiator time. The race car came with a radiator mounted in the front. Not sure what its from, I think the previous owner said it might be Toyota starlet. Anyway- it was loosely mounted and not sealed at all. I want to fit it into this shell neatly and so it has the very best chance at pulling off heat as well as possible.

For those not familiar with Imps here's the front with its original little grill (off Imp number three because I couldn't find the other grill.. then discovered two hiding on the large self built onto the table)...


Here's it with grill removed. Not much of an opening. Its filled up with whats called a horn box and also supplies the ventilation system via a fan...



I cut that box out. Easier than I was expecting luckily.


I made the hole bigger...


Radiator plonked in place...



 I'll fabricate a box for it to fit to. Then add back in some strength now lacking from not having that box there- to support the mounting area for the front suspension wishbone pivot brackets. I'm also hoping that by the time all the rad cowling/shrouds are fitted it'll all be nice and strong around there. I'll have to try my best to impart some element of crumple zones within the structure but hey- I'd rather just not crash.

  Looking from the front to the left, I'll make another partitioned off box to gather air for the ventilation. The large vent pipe will have to locate further up the side or on top of that second box because it will effectively be moved left towards the chassis rail and drivers headlight area. I'll then cut a big hole in the spare wheel well and fabricate a shroud to guide the hot air out and under the car. I realise that some other Imp owners have vented the hot air out upwards and forwards into the low pressure zone in front of the bonnet gap. I really dont want a open gap. I'll go for down and under the car.

I have a fan. Its good grunty wee fan off the old aircon setup we ripped out of a customers Toyota Hiace. I kept it when I spotted it was almost a perfect fit for the little radiator. Orginally I was planning to mount it right on the back of the rad...


 But then the non- fan covered areas would require a shroud so to keep fan effective. I didn't want to shroud this rad so closely and create a buffer that would hinder airflow through the rad.  I then thought about mounting it facing down over the outlet hole and shrouding it there. Not sure on how this will still potentially create a resistance though by making the outlet hole effectively smaller...


I had to do some thinking. I had a cup of tea and pondered the layout...


 Fitted the tank in place to double check on room and theres plenty of space. Spare wheel will have to go on top of the tank.


I shall scheme ideas the fan situation  overnight. I have an idea already but it its a bit more involved. Any ideas or airflow advice most welcome.

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