Yoeddynzs 1965 Datsun powered Hillman Imp. Please take your seat...

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Ooooooooohhhhhhhh.  I have just had a new project delivered. What could it be?  Discuss here...

Now a few of you here already know the answer. Don't be a silly sausage and spoil the fun. Let the others play guessy games. I have tried to take some shots that only cars nerds might recognise. Lets start with this...


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Ok so it looks like the engine make is confirmed. Yep its a Datsun A12 engine. Now what car is it in?...

Some more pics for car nerds....





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No playing with Imps for a few days. Its been a bit wet around here.  We had 260mm in less than 12 hours here!!!

So lots of gnarly watery things happened yesterday. The bridge as you enter the valley floor is wrecked . The main road has slips all the way up. The road out towards the sea was a 1 meter deep in silt and floood water until our Neighbour re-routed the river back to where it started.

We have had some huge slips on our land. Its not pretty. But compared to many we have come off ok really. Mustn't grumble.  Shed is ok. Housetruck fine. Imp is dry in shed. Viva wag is full of water outside.


But that bridge..





These guys have suffered big time..


 There is a very strong chance that the Imp we looked at on Monday has floated out to sea. The valley it was nestling in got hit hard too. I'll find out soon enough.

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Good news. That Imp shell I am planning on picking up is safe. We drove up a very rough road in our trusty old 4wd Hiace to check out a friends property over the road which has been demolished totally, everything just washed away leaving a 6m wide creek bed where it used to be 1m! :-(

 Some other flood waters rushed through on the other side of the road,  only 5 metres away from the Imp and took out the inside of the campground kitchen. If you look in this following photo you'll see a line of brown mud heading down the field in the background, Imp sitting high and dry :-)...


But our road out of the valley is still too nasty to take a trailer on so the Imp shall have to wait a bit longer.

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Ha... the power of water. While on the topic of slips...a local friend just posted up a short clip of himself getting taken out by a slip not far from us during the same cyclone. Their place got totally hammered big time.  Massive slips and the fields full of full sized pine trees. I promise to get back on Imp subject very soon...


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Still whittling away at the rust. However, for a break from looking at rusty Imps here is a link to an old Rootes Group promotional film made for the launch of the Imp. Some really good factory footage with some great machine shots. Yeah... watching this last night really made me want to sort my Imp (s) out so I can drive the thing!


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