Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

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Using the body measurements in my factory service manual I found the centerline and ran a string down it.


I made a much longer isosceles triangle from the front mounts and lined the subframe up with the center line.


And raised the subframe up so the front mounts are not the lowest hanging thing under the car. The bolts are only there to hold the triangle, but I cut some holes to raise it up enough.


They are higher now than the original triumph mounts. Yes.... I used some worn out cut off discs as washers.


Then adjusted the height and measured it and measured it and measured it and measured it and measured it. Then temporarily welded it to my cross member so it doesn't move while I make the actual mounts.

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And welded. Not completely, I'll take it off and weld underneath. Standing on a stool(because the car is quite high up) leaning into the boot is not really the most comfortable welding position.


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I made some additional temporary 'jig' brackets that connect into the original shock top mounts. I made them removable so I can still get the cross member out.


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My replacement subframe bushes arrived last week. I thought I should at least replace the wobbly front ones before I weld in any mounts for it.

What a bitch of a job.

The bush is bonded into a metal sleeve and that is pressed into the subframe.

I drilled a bunch of holes through the rubber until I could get the center of the bush out, then I used the reciprocating saw to cut into the metal sleeve. After putting a couple of slits in it, removing the remains of the bush was easy. Despite being careful, the imprecise nature of the reciprocating saw meant I cut a bit deep in one place and made a groove in the subframe. But I was able to fix it up with the tig.

Then I had to press the new bushes in.

Hammer? Nope.

G-clamp? Nope.

Bit of exhaust pipe kinda the right diameter and using the vice? Sort of.

I ended up having to make two alloy rings. One to fit around the top of the bush and press on a metal lip. The other as a spacer because the bottom of the bush protrudes about 10mm.

And the vice, with a cheater bar. My poor vice.

Oh, and to make the rings... I used a holesaw in the lathe, which took a million years because I had to back out to clear the teeth every 0.0000000001mm depth of cut.

Then I asked the internet and found out about trepanning tools. So for the second ring, I made one of them out of the only HSS I had... 6mm square. It worked, but it was so thin it vibrated like motherfucker and cut millions of tiny needles. 




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