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House of RM's, 250 and 85

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Update time:


JR80 runs like a champ, have since replaced the starter shaft and lever.

Is up for sale.


The RM85 seized the starter idler to the starter shaft, so looking for a replacement. 


Then this happened,  got myself a 04 RM125 project..

Bought it as a non runner with a freshly rebuilt 98 motor in it.. the 04 motor blew a bottom end.

Initial inspections show zero compression, both heads are the same just looking at them, but have different part numbers which state comp dish size.

Swapped them over, sprayed some start ya mother fucker and it ran for a few seconds..

Tomorrow I'll strip the carb etc and go through it all..

I'll rebuild the 04 motor at some stage, but skids come first


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Stripped the carb, it was a bit yuk tbh..

It tried to fire.

Checked spark again and swapped plugs, spark is pretty weak.

They've spliced the loom so couldn't just swap cdi and loom over, so swapped the whole stator and cdi with loom.

Fired up, runs but need to sort the idle.


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