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d.p.n.s mk3 cortina

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got a few diff things done.

crown wheel on...housing cleaned and painted POR15 ...diff head all bak in and good to go...(got a bit slap happy with the red paint lol....also only thing i could find.)









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i was thinking about rear brakes and doing a disc conversion as i didnt have any rear brakes for it.

but i then thought the easiest way would be to use factory aussie drums...they came on a 6 cylinder cortina soooooooooo must work well on a cortina with a 6 in it. (keep cert man happy aswell) and its not going to have a million hp.

so thanks to @J-W-G igot my hands on a set of factory aussie assembled rear drums..seen better days but nothing a rebuild wont fix.......and the best price.

so here they are.





and after a few hours i got the backing plates all cleaned up ready to have the backs painted in POR15.



1 of them had some damage (looks like someone lost a wheel at some point)  i managed to straighten it so the drum wont rub




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thought i would have a play with falcon TFI dizzy i had that came with all the injection bits i bought.

only wanted was the hall effect  as a trigger for the ecu and also for the oil pump.

so pulled it a part cleaned it up and cut the top off and capped it...rebuilt with a new plug.......good to go






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well now it's a new year and the girls  have gone back to school's time.

so the old girl is off to blasting... hopefully  we can lift it off the trailer once it's done and not sweet it off.


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