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Suzi FA50

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So to start off I didn’t make the Raglan ride :( my babysitter fell through and I had no back up! Buuuut time to focus on the next big ride....Tauranga :-D

So tried starting her up with that pipe on and no go. Kicked and kicked and kicked but it would splutter and spit flames and die. After a bit of thinking I loosened off the exhaust and boom started up first kick! Conclusion....The pipe was too restrictive. In the rush of trying to get the FA ready for the Raglan ride I just cut the pipe off and welded the factory exhaust back on where ever it sat at the time of welding it (which to be honest I kind of like!)


Now after riding it around my local area for a bit I decided with the timeline I’ve got for the Tauranga ride I will strip her down and tidy her up. So the tear down began tonight...



Motor separated from the frame. After spending most my teenage years working on cars it’s quite refreshing how quickly you can take one of these apart!


I also did the final design on how my under seat wiring cover will work...


So I will make it out of sheet metal from my template  I’ll cut it in half and weld the top half (the half closest to the seat hinge) in and for the second half I will put it on a hinge so that the electronics will still be accessible and this will also allow me to remove the fuel tank when necessary.

Next on the list will be to give the motor a good degreasing. I will also blank off the old oil pump too as I will be running premix so won’t need it


I’ll also give the frame a good degrease and waterblast then plan out the next step.


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On 02/11/2017 at 13:00, Shakotom said:

Sweet exhaust! But I hope you realise the second the suspension flexes you’ll snap the exhaust mount off of the carrier or tear the studs out of the exhaust


engine pivots seperatly to the frame. I’d look at making a mount off the pipe that mounts back to the motor as per shit drawing.



and then possibly using a spring or something to tension exhaust back to frame in place of your current mount to save the exhaust viabrating its self loose as the expansion chamber on my FA50 did the whole ride at raglan on the weekend


Yeah I noticed that once I sat on it! Lol I was planning on adding a bracket on after I got it running. I had cut the factory one off the stock exhaust and was going to weld that on but glad to see you guys are watching carefully in case I miss something haha

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Today I got around to cleaning up the frame :-D

First step was get some degreaser on the years of shit that is caked on there!






The degreaser didn’t quite get everything off so I went to my back up of some foam wash my brother in law had.


Sprayed it on and left it for a few minites and with a quick waterblast it came up as good as it could could do (I will get a pic tomorrow as it got too dark to get a good one). 

Next up clean up the motor :badgrin:

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Awesome progress bro. Can’t wait to see you in Tauranga, December 10th! It’s gonna be a wicked day. 

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