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Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)


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Haven't done anything with this lately. Has a semi different trajectory now; finding a Honda engine. 

Seeing the original Chaly which started it all was a cool moment on my most recent trip. Made me want to get this thing back to it's roots with a Honda heart. 

I'm keeping everything it has; Ape hangers, front disc etc. 

I've found the engine I want as well.  Honda Wave 125cc 4 stroke. 4 speed semi. Can get a 57mm BBK for it which would make it 140ish cc. Also; found a way to get an engine for it but it involves approximately 20,277 kms of travelling to get it and it won't be here till next year. 

Once the engine is here it's full strip, repaint and it's final stage for at least the next few years. Sick of having more than one bike and not using more than one bike. On a mission to cleanse my stash and keep only the worthy. 

So; stay tuned for 2019 when Callum finds out;

"$350 Lifan vs. $5000 Honda engine. Which is best?" - coming soon to a build thread near you. (Honda $$ ain't a typo either)

OG Chaly me and my daughter rode together, her neighbour still has it wasting away:

**Fun fact; 50cc bikes don't ever get entered into the Thai vehicle registration systems, don't require plates and actually aren't too popular over there. 

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On 15/11/2018 at 10:51, MopedNZ said:


Whilst it's been an absolute dream; it's not my dream bike. So the '63 Honda will be leaving the fleet early next year. 

About to fit a NOS exhaust and repaint the tank; then it's up for grabs. Letting OS know first. A lot of time and effort has gone into this build including a 20,000 KM round trip just to get the wheels. 

125 Lifan powered with 2000 KM under it's belt; this thing is pretty damn stunning and so so so fun to ride. With a massive tank you won't need to be so cautious of each fuel station you pass. It does a good wheelie and it's actually never done a skid - meaning I've really loved this thing. 

If anyone is keen then get at me before next year. This will go on Trademe in January.

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Next in line is this beast. 

Sold the green Honda. Thinned the heard and it feels good. 

Aiming to get a proper Honda heart in this thing, a few little shiny bits and maybe even some nice paint. Would be nice to have a bike that’s always ready to ride again. 


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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally got all the engine stuff here. Wooooooo. Will play with the new carb tonight, make her run so I can hear the exhaust and also heat the oil for draining. 

Will get the engine started on next week. Looking forward to all this stuff coming together. 

Bike is rolling at the moment, front end is happy, rear needs a couple things made slightly shorter/moved out of the way before I'm happy. Will get it rolling and running nicely then tear the thing apart and finally do nice paint on something I own.  WEOW. 


No photo description available.

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  • 1 month later...

Someone once said "when stubborn people try to build engines with random parts from random countries with no schematics; there are bound to be problems" 

That someone was me, just now. Because fuq. This has been interesting. I seem to be doing one update a month at present which suits me because any more and there wouldn't be much to update about. 

Alright, so carrying on from the last post the Aliexpress stuff has mostly arrived now. Just stupid stuff like horns, grips and switches. I got an LED tail light too which is stock shape so now it's gonna be LED all around which I'm excited for. Turns out CT110 headlight buckets fit the Aliexpress 'daymaker' lights. 

Image may contain: motorcycle

Retaining the original headlight ring, they fit in pretty nicely. I like it anyway.

Engine time. So. Crank came, but had no bearings or crank timing gear attached. After getting through a backlog at work it was finally time to attack my motor yesterday. 

It was stripped and in half pretty quickly. When we bought these bikes they looked pretty tidy but had clearly been tickled up to look more presentable for sale. My bike had 28,000 KM on the odometer, but it doesn't really mean much when speedos are everywhere and easy to buy. Splitting the engine proved it's done quite a bit more than the odometer. But it's been pretty interesting comparing castings and tolerances to a pitbike motor as the "GN5" or EX5 100cc motor was the base from which most pitbike motors were originally developed from. My motor is a Japanese built version. In 2004 production moved to Malaysia and Thailand respectively. With both countries producing their own version of the motor for the exact same model (had a different name for each country, Dream in Thailand and EX5 in Malaysia).

In it's lifetime it's seen some heeeeeeaaaaat. Check this out:


Ignore the bearing in that photo, was a new one that turned out to be the wrong ID. But the new limited edition 'gold' casings are awesome huh? I imagine this is from the whole life of the bike; though sustained nangs for 2,500km only a thousand or so RPM below red line probably didn't help. By the end of the trip both of the Honda had a bit of oil leaking from old hardened seals etc.

We got to this stage and all was going well, new clutch plates, new auto clutch bell and assembly. New bearings in the motor. We had re used the original 14T crank timing gear and pressed it onto the recently acquired crank. Looks like this:


Except that photo is of a different one as mine was inside the motor before I got a photo. I also was given a new cam timing gearwith 32T up from the original 28T and a matching cam chain. When it came time to throw the head on, all was going well till the cam gear went on. the cam chain wouldn't sit on the gear properly. I ripped apart a 160cc pitbike motor here at work (which is the above photo) to find that it had the same 32T cam gear, and then the crank timing gear was 16T - mine's 14T. SO. Due to me learning as I go with this thing, I hadn't realised the crank was bare and had no matching crank timing gear supplied. Of course the 14T original one doesn't work with the new cam set up so I'm currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Motor as it sits now:

I've enquired with Darren at Shore 50's who was most helpful, ripped apart a CT110 motor to find they have a 15T crank timing gear but still not a 16T one. I have found a 16T crank timing gear on alibaba that will suit but the minimum order is 1000. Trying to get a 'sample' to see if I can get around their minimum order. I've asked the Malaysian shops I dealt with if they can help but I'm currently waiting for them to wake up and see my message. None of the sites I use have one listed. BUT as a last resort I have found a different aftermarket crank which has the bearings and 16T crank timing gear already pressed on. If only I had seen that earlier! Ah well. Progress is progress and the amount I have learned has been amazing. 

There are heaps of positives; I got to replace all the parts like this:


There was quite a few worn out consumable bits inside the motor but they've all been replaced. Taking apart that pitbike motor also gave me another little win in the way of this:


Finding a flywheel half the side and weight of my original one that still has power for lights etc. So hopefully this will allow more aggressive neutral nangs at intersections. 

From here it's again hurry up and wait. Either:

a: Alibaba is a legend and supplies me with a sample crank timing gear and problem is solved. 
b: Malaysian shop can supply me with a 16T crank timing gear and problem is solved. 
c: Gotta buy a whole new crank (not actually that $$$, just annoying)

Oh, the piston is still about 1mm shy of being flush with the top of the barrel at TDC - so that will probably be sent off to get shaved down for max leg braking compression. 

Stay tuned and see what happens in the saga of my $99999999999999999999 Honda motor. 

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46 minutes ago, DB8-TypeR said:

Break the bank and order a twincam head! 

Cant wait to see this complete

Hahaha not this time. Trying to stick with parts the locals have access too and can afford so I can 'replicate' what they're doing with their engines in the biscuit wheel underbone bikes. 

Never seen any kind of run through in English language on doing up these motors so hopefully all my mistakes can make it easier to do this in future for others. May even pick up another motor or two on my next trip if this works out ok. 

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