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Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)


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**This thread started as just my Chaly. It's now gonna be all my Hondas. Which at present is 2. So only 2 Hondas. Which isn't very many. Bit I'm dehoarding in my old age and enjoying it. 

 So, life is funny.

When I lived in Thailand, my neighbour was an old widowed lass who drove a '93 Toyota Corolla she owned from new. But hidden underneath her balcony was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I knew about them but hadn't seen one in the flesh.

My Thai skills were average to poor at that point, but when I told her how much loved it she said, 'the tyres are flat, if you can make it go you can ride it'. And so I did. It was the first bike my daughter ever got to go on.

Been searching for one for a few years now and the timings never right or distance is an issue. But thanks to a friend I was made aware of this baby..

Of course, just as I was to pick it up, someone had to crash into my car, foiling my sale of the Honda Pal, therefore crushing the dreams of the elusive red machine.

In come @GuyWithAviators and @Shakotom, upon hearing of my crash; they had a good lol, made fun of me and then came through in the most incredible way possible. Without those two I wouldn't have my new forever-bike.

Introducing my Honda Chaly. (Pic Heavy)

As seen on Facebook marketplace, she was a farm bike and has the original seat cover even! Lost her rack, part of the casing, front fender and a wee more over the years but she was a goer!


Skids for the boys.


@GuyWithAviators and I decided to change the oil.


Decided to do a line up:


V50 shocks made her scrape terribly:




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Top Posters In This Topic

Pt: 2:
I asked @Shakotom and @GuyWithAviators to pick up the engine for me and for some reason it arrived as so:


And my CDI:


Found some cheap white walls, then the old tyres wouldn't come off and the rims were a little Rusty on the inside. FIXED IT:






Postie/Dax/ST Exhaust kinda fits, dunno though. Feels a bit sacrilege:

Engine fits though:


Got a new carb. FUHUA to MIKUNI VM22:


Had REALLY shit luck with vehicles lately. AKA: 4 in 2 months. Which has landed me with the ultimate downgrade of a Spacio. But the bike fits. (Plus it's got 7 cup holders and a curtain)




Carb fits, with a little mod on the choke lever. Now I have so much room for activities where the old filter went!


Horns? Or na?


Mock up of the clutch etc. Yeah I went there, bye bye; semi.


Also, here's a photo I found of my little one beside the old Chaly we used to ride when I was over there. I don't get many photos sent this way, so seeing one with my daughter and the whole reason for this build all together in the same frame is awesome. 


Let the wiring commence, Raglan ride is just around the corner!

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I took this to Raglan, got a flat tyre within 20 minutes. Patched it, didn't let it set and then got another flat. Ended up following the dudes in my mighty Spacio which spawned the awesome Raglan ride video. 


I took this to EASTCAPESCAPADE and it was a fuaaaarrrkin' hoot! Pinning it around the cape on the first day was one of the most fun things i've ever done. Exhaust ended up falling off due to river bed bashing. @johnnyfive No. 8 wired it back in place. @GuyWithAviators and I 2-up'd this over a mountain range to dinner and MY LORD it performs so well. 2 of us on a Chaly, it was no slower than with just myself. It seems these 125's just have one level of power - All of the power. 


I got to ride 2 up on an auto scoot for the second day till we got to @Raizer's abode and he did some epic chattering engineering to sort the shoddy chineseium exhaust and everything was ready for the last day!


And then I rode into a ditch. Rebroke my left collar bone (did the same one years back). Spent the rest of East Cape in the back of a Suzuki Jimny. Weow. The Motu road is not nice for broken collar bones, just in case you were wondering. Sadly, the front end of my bike ended up like this:


Cheeky @HighLUX in the back ground.

After the ride, this thing went into the shed for a couple of months, I had an affair with a NH125 twist and go. Then us FOAMERS decided we need to go and make ourselves known down the other end of the country so I thought it would be a good time to get the ol' CHELLI up and running again.

Currently in the works of having @Geophy put a new exhaust on it because I can't glue metal together and @Chris.QCR keeps bloody hassling me about my muffler obsession. So just for him, we've got a straight pipe almost done. Currently tacked in place, but we forgot about the foot pegs sooooo it'll change a little bit otherwise I'll have nowhere to put my feet. 


Pipe is probably gonna be a work in progress. Geophy and I have a few awesome ideas for later in the year. 

Also, this front end just arrived today:


From Tanaka in Japan, it's meant to be a bolt on product so once the bike is back in my posession I shall be testing that theory. 

But thats all for now. Will post a pre South Island photo once it's ready!

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