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GuyWithAviators' 49cc Honda Collection


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  • 3 months later...

Man this thing is a champ. Put a china carb and coil in it and redid some wiring and away it went. Didn't ride very nice though. Changed the oil and some metallic chunks fell out.. Uh oh I'd run into the infamous CT90/110 broken 'drum stopper arm' giving false neutrals and not letting the gears change. $30 from Honda for the part and an hour to take the clutch cover off to install it, had to remember where all the clutch springs etc go after they fell out. Also cleaned the oil screen as @Lord Gruntfuttock suggested, it was blocked right up. 

Photo 24-10-17, 7 59 16 PMPhoto 24-10-17, 11 30 39 AM


Then got it together enough for a test ride with the rest of Moped NZ from Raglan to Kawhia and back around the mountain in October, only 160km ish.

Photo 29-10-17, 6 33 02 AMPhoto 29-10-17, 3 06 13 PM

Bike went fine, swing arm bolt / bushings came loose, it leaked a lot of oil and the rear brake didn't work. Low range gearbox made soft sand easier with my new Golden Boy 17x2.5 tyres. 

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The next ride to prepare this for was John's Eastcapescapade, 600km over three days around the Eastcape, starting in Whakatane, going around to Gisborne then back over the Motu Road. All at 60km/h with 18 other small bike piners. 

To get the CT90 ready I did nothing.. I changed the swingarm to one I got from a frame I bought in Christchurch at the McLeans Island swapmeet as the bushes in mine were poked. 

Also tried to get a headlight working but it stopped straight away. That was fine, just meant I had to chance to cuddle @64vauxhall and @MopedNZ whenever night riding was needed at our overnight stays. 

I won't say my bike was perfect on the ride but for how barry'd it's been and how little fucks I gave towards it, it did bloody amazing. My airbox fell off at the start of the Motu Road, didnt get it to stay back on so the bike ate lots of dust / rain for the last 80km. 

Here's some photos of it in front of things. 

Photo 23-11-17, 5 46 52 PMPhoto 25-11-17, 6 04 37 AMPhoto 26-11-17, 12 05 57 PM



Photo 26-11-17, 10 00 13 AM


Photo 27-11-17, 1 16 03 PM



Photo 24-11-17, 2 51 29 PM
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Here's some repairs from the Eastcape ride, rivited new mounts to the plastic airbox. Really strong now. 

Photo 17-12-17, 3 19 20 PM

And installed the chain tensioners @Raizer made me after a few panic messages on the second night because my chain was really loose on, only fell off once when @MopedNZ and I tried wrestling while riding around a paddock on bikes. 


Photo 17-12-17, 1 33 08 PM

Carried on dailying the bike for a while. 

Photo 5-12-17, 10 02 56 AM

Then the Moped NZ Auckland Christmas Eve Eve ride was fast approaching and @Shewolf needed a ride. Decided to give this thing some love and get working lights on it. 

Shouldn't have touched it... For some reason with how the wiring is now as soon as any lights are connected the bike runs out of voltage and dies. It still charges a battery though. 

I initially thought this was the china carb playing up so took it apart to clean it. Again shouldn't have touched it. The main jet in it was too big, for a 110. But it was blocked enough so that it ran fine with my engine. Now it wouldn't run and was way too rich. ...This is the night before the Auckland ride.  

Head down to @Threeonthetree's shed and find one off a CT90 and clean / install that one. Works great, kind of. Leaked fuel but meh. 

@Shewolf tamed the CT90 and completed the Auckland CBD ride with us.


Then it got a flat tyre and leaked some more fluids. First gear is also missing teeth, slips badly. 

Sitting in the corner of the garage awaiting some real love and a 110 big block engine now. 

Thanks for some good rides though 90. 

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7 hours ago, Chris.QCR said:

I really want to add a CT90 Trail to my collection. Need something like this to explore the gravel roads of Banks Peninsula

Pretty awesome bike. Love the low range box for pesting up hills that would otherwise be a struggle. Hence why I’m reluctant to Lifan swap it. 

I don’t know what bike to bring to OS Nats, CT90 is perfect for that area as you said. 

But it ain’t no loud 2 stroke boned V80. 

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  • 5 months later...
  • GuyWithAviators changed the title to GuyWithAviators' 49cc Honda Collection
  • 1 year later...

Oh yeah, should finish up the CT90 story. With the 90cc motor dying I was keen to upgrade it so tracked down an ATC125M - yeah the trike. 

Came up from @Raizer in Gisborne to Tauranga thanks to @Shakotom. It lived in @MopedNZ's mothers back shed for a few weeks until I had a day off to do something about it. 


I trucked my CT90 down and pulled all the bits off the trike I'd need, then offered the big block up to my 90 frame. Bolts in, just tight around the swingarm and sub-transmission, also the stock foot pegs don't work with pull start. 



Left the trike carcass in Tauranga and some piner took it away to build up with a Lifan I think. 

Took my CT125 back to Auckland and got a chain attacthed and had it ridable but uh oh... lots of false neutrals and such. Where have I seen this before.. 



Yep, the infamous shifter arm issue. But this time instead of just breaking the arm it actually broke the casting of the casing where it bolts on. So I sent the casing away to be tig welded and took the brand new shifter arm from my old 90 engine that I'd already replaced. 


Got a new gasket set and cleaned the whole motor up while I had the cases split. First time taking one of these Honda lumps this far apart - managed to get it back together though. Used new stainless cap screws (and copper coat on the threads) too. 


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Jammed the big block back into the bike. Had some issues with the electrics, couldn't get consistent spark. Turns out the kill switch was shorting out inside the handle bars. So I remade the loom and put a 12v battery and relay in for the electric start - was quite lush tbh. Although pull start was hilarious. 

Trimmed the swingarm to clear the dual range transmission a bit better and also added longer rear shocks from a CT125 farm bike - same as XL125 I think. I also made some foot pegs to suit the wider case. 


Made this video with a pitbike exhuast and muffler on it. 

On 12/07/2018 at 15:52, MopedNZ said:


Then I moved to Tauranga and had a better garage to work on things. So in between helping Callum with his green 62 Honda build I made an exhaust for this out of the pitbike header and og Honda muffler. Also note the new seat cover from Midnight Upholstery, won that in a Facebook competition. Comfy. 


Rode it around a bit, went really well. Low range was hilarious and did instant wheelies anywhere. But the motor was pumping lots of oil out of the breather on top of the motor. Like it would soak your boot in oil after a few mins. 


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So with Eastcapescapade 2.0 looming quickly I decided I needed a reliable lump to power this. Grabbed a new 125 semi auto Lifan from Shore50.

And had some DrATV lower engine mount adapters in stock leftover from the 67 Honda build. Were handy to have but needed bending to fit properly - knowing what I know now I'd make my own or redrill the frame next time. 



Used a Honda intake manifold to get the carb to mate up to the 90's airbox. Had to drill out the intake in the rear rack with a step drill bit to get more air into it though. 

Did some endurance testing and daily rode it for a bit. Lifan life was great. My exhaust I made for the ATC fit this well. I also used a Trail tech regulator for lighting this time around, getting rid of the battery. 


Then Eastcape ride happened. Bike went really well, kept up with the pack pretty good. Although it was using lots of oil... later realised I never took the cap off the breather on top of the motor lol. Oil was seeping past the base cylinder gasket and past the valves too, was smokey. 

Start of the Motu Road


Rere Falls with @Shakotom FR140 and @MopedNZ's 62 Honda also 125 powered (manual) 


Top of a back road forestery road in Gisborne. 


But then at the end of the second day pulling into Hick's Bay my ehxuast broke where I'd welded the header on - made for a loud ride for the last few KM. And also the rear wheel kinda broke.. half the spokes became really loose and some broke. No way of fixing that to be safe enough for the rest of the ride. 

So I jumped on @chris r's GN125 he crashed that morning. Jammed the front wheel inbetween a tree to straighten the forks, bled the brakes so they kind of worked. Ripped off the remains of the tacho and speedo. Replaced some missing nuts and bolts others had taken for running repairs that day. Taped in the headlight - job done. 


Was actually a good bike for the last day. Kept up with the 140cc bikes really well. Was on limiter between every gear change. The engine knock went away eventually. 
Oh it was also dereg and I had no motorbike license. But coast life no dramas. 


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Also made it into the paper lols. 

After Eastcape I robbed the Lifan 125 for another project. 


Then it sat around for months and I eventually sold it. If the frame wasn't so rusty I'd have kept it but I'd also recently aquired another yellow Yamaha Adventure bike I wanted to focus on. So out the door it went.
But I still have the ATC125M engine - sitting under the bench for a one day project. Needs rings though, which are NLA although TRX125 quad are apparently the same... 

Here's a couple of vids of rides I took this bike on. Was a great intro to 4 stroke Honda small bike life. 





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While I was living in Auckland I found this on Trademe one night, in Whangarei. Had one listing photo of it hanging from the rafters in a shed lol. 
Went and grabbed it after work one night. 60 series life. 



A quite rusty Australian import C90 Deluxe - 1980 something model. Kinda almost ran but pretty chooched. Again it sat around for ages, no real plan for it, was just cheap so had to buy it.

Took it with me to Tauranga and a couple of days after Eastcape 18 ride decided to do something with it.


Stripped it down, carefully. 

Gave everything a good wet sand and then cut and polish. Smothed the patina out. 


Then hacked the back off and installed the Lifan 125 semi from the CT90 using the same engine mount adapters. 


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