Eastcapescapade November 24,25,26 - 2017

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I’m lying on my bed in silence at the backbackers, but there’s a constant ringdingding noise playing in my head after 2 stroke riding all day.

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Took the 110 Hondas riding 3 wide to slow down the old 68cc Suzuki haha



Fingers crossed my dodgy AF fab work on your pipe holds out @MopedNZ!!

East Coast Customs spec haha

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After a fuel/pie stop just out of Gisborne we headed out to Rere falls, @MopedNZ had a bit of an incident along the way, but I'll let him tell the tale of that later on.



Then headed 2k up the road to Rere rockslide where an old abandoned air mattress was recovered...






Sadly I had to leave the ride at this point and head home, was super tempted to keep riding with the guys but coming back alone sucked enough from where we ended up lol

Can't wait for Mount ride!



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That was wicked.

11/10 would trade again.

thanks @johnnyfive for all your hard work with planning and coming up with an amazing adventure!

thanks to the ladies for driving the support car!

thanks to @64vauxhall for being my Knight in a damp poncho, and all of the dudes who dragged my bike back up the cliff!

and the rest of you for just being fucking rad.


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Day one went a little like this for me. 




Scooter didn't want to start. So had everyone working on it. Got it going and off I went. Had to stop and Take this photo I was so happy to be on my scoot. 






Next stop was the petrol station. 




And followed up with me and the scoot braking down. So the next few hours went passed with me in the back of a jimny. Back to Johns place grab the spare bike and play catch up began. Once caught up I was off on the vity. What a fucken tropper that was. Got to accommodation and spent to much on a small box of Woodstock (18 pack 43 dollar's 7 percent cans) 




We then made our way to find dinner. Local rsa signed us all in had a beer and ate some food. Got rather warm so I stepped out side, ended up having a yarn with a local with his daughters on there horses. 







From there I doubled Andrew home on the vity and searched for his wallet for a bit. The local Lady's from the rsa took a photo of us two up nuts to buts. Such a lol. From there proceeded to get drank and sleep on the deck in my sleeping bag. 

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Glad I took today off, weekend caught up with me at 9 last night, owned. Thanks once again to everyone who participated, you guys are the bestest. Thanks to J5 for bringing our silly idea to reality, it was quite a ride. I'm quite flippin chuffed all went as well as it did.

A few shitty cell phone pics, in no particular order: 












Regards, VG.

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Alarm went off at the usual time this morning. Meh, I’ll just close my eyes and rest a little longer. Nek minnit, it’s 11am. Sooo many emails to catch up on, but I haven’t found any angry ones yet, so that’s a bonus. Pretty keen to retire asap so I can tootle and ringding errday.

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My summary to the wife when I got home last night went something like this:

"It was awesome! One guy fell off and broke his collarbone, another dude went off a large bank and didn't die because he landed on some trees, and I got a flat tyre on the last day. Oh, and I had a little fall at about 2km/h when I derped. Can't wait for the next one."

Her response: "Please don't tell me that."

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