Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

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I thought it might be Claire but I wasn't sure. I have been reading her stuff on the miata forum but I didn't fully put the two together. I believe that when you use the mx5 box then the kl flywheel is the way to go but I talked to her directly on the CE facebook page and the rx flywheel was what she suggested for the rx box. 

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Ah interesting - well she knows her stuff 

Alex's viva has rx7 box and kl flywheel/clutch and slightly modded kl starter 

mine is hybrid rx7 bell onto mx5 box so has no flywheel spacer but it made the starter mount a pain 

the more standard bits you can fit the easier 

rx8 starter should tuck in better too kl solenoid hangs right out the side 

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