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Hamilton Monthly Meet - 2nd to last Thursday of each month

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I’m f we do Raglan again, we should do it differently. Was chatting to Tank and he suggested parking at the domain and buying fish n chips from that little stall in the park.

If we do Caffeine, we could invite the Auckland crew to join in?

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Thread updated. 



This month we're cuising TO RAGLAN for fish and chips on the wharf. Get your old cars, utes, bikes etc out of the shed!

December 12, 2109 - Meet at 6PM and be ready to roll out by 6:30pm

NEW MEETING SPOT - meet at Westside Classics Waikato clubrooms located behind the Backyard Bar and Eatery 1333 Horotiu Road, Whatawhata. Park in the big gravel carpark behind the cafe.

NEW RAGLAN LOCATION - This year we will be cruising to the Papahua / Kopua Domain in Raglan. Search the location of Jo's Takeaways on google if you get lost ;) .  

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Should be a good day for it tomorrow. I checked out our meeting point today and it'll be a sweet spot to get started! Nice empty gravel carpark :) . 

Try to be there by 6pm. We'll be rolling out at 6:30. 


We'll also bring the BBQ and some leftover sausages from Drag Day if anyone's keen for a snag instead of a fish. See you there! 


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there has been talk of others wanting to change the monthly meet to mazoni pzza by the cock and bull.

we have built a pretty good relationship with burger fuel and Nathan who runs a few of the waikato shops. most of the punters tend to get free potato fries almost fortnightly and the prizes they give out is a bonus for just getting out.

i personally don't think we should change the location but I'm going to ask you guys on your thoughts as its a joint community and we do it for everyone here.

so anyone else super keen on changing the location?

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In my opinion there arent enough regulars to have a stand alone meet, so as much as im not really a fan of the burger fuel meets, at least there are always people.

That said, I'm all for random park ups with feeds from wherever with 3 other dudes, so I'm keen to mix it up.

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