Hamilton Burgerfuel WEEKEND meet - April 22nd

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3 hours ago, Archetype said:

Perfect timing. Your Series 3 is worthy!

Your Cosmo is also worthy....

Of a spot in my garage.

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Hey guys, this is coming up on Saturday. Cars and burgers = win. 

I still need a couple of more... presentable... cars to feature out the front of the shop. We've got Greg's beetle and Chris's Holden wagon. It would be nice to have 5 "OS Nice" cars next to the front door. All volunteers skip to the front of the queue for a free meal (burger, chips, drink). 

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1 hour ago, Zeubin said:

Ooh, just seen this now. I'll be keen to bring the 240 if you still need a display car

Yuss! I'd love to have the Z there.

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On 18/04/2017 at 12:16, Threeonthetree said:

Want a passenger or two?

Sure. PM me your address etc as I can't quite recall where to go (it was dark last time, and I was still half asleep).

Killjoy workmate reminded me that it's my on-call weekend, hopefully I don't get paged while enroute or in Hamilton proper.

Also @Truenotch what's the address of this new Burgerfuel? It's too new for Google. Is it in the same shopping complex as the BP and New World on Thomas Rd?

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Awesome meet guys! Thanks for making the effort to come down. We had perfect weather, free food and good company. Cameron from Burgerfuel is stoked. 

I think we all agree that this should be the new location for our monthly meets?










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