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Chrisr 86 fc3s rx7

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So with recent developments I'll be moving out and loosing the storage. Chucked it up on book face for what it owes me and someone paid a deposit 2 hours later. I'll probably regret selling it but I've got to de clutter 

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On 4/27/2017 at 17:33, chris r said:

Does anyone have a recommended contact at mazda or hookups? I'm a tight arse and hate paying retail. Off the top of my head I need a front diff mount which apparently is fairly common on these?

I really should fix the exhaust on the honda and take it for a wof buy why spend $40 on a wof when you can spend $500 on getting this home... priorities  

If anyone on here buys this, I have a spare front diff mount (possibly 2) at home sitting in the shed.

Alternatively, Part Shop Max does solid mounts fairly cheap.

On 4/27/2017 at 17:39, kyteler said:

Shhh,  just Desmond Regamasters.

Speaking of Regamasters..

Finally got around to fitting Semis on mine last week.


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