Lancer EX 4g63 SOHC conversion (Again...)

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Hey Guys,

I know this have been covered many many times but dredging through the old threads I cannot find a difinitive question around the clutch setup.

I have the opportunity to buy another donar EX with a 4g63 in it - Not sure if this is running a sigma or whatever box but I am wanting to run the standard EX 5 speed.

I have the 1600cc in my car so I know the crossmember will fit and engine will bolt up to current box, should be able to swap the mounts (if they have used genuine 4g63 rubbe mounts).

Will the 4g32 clutch plate and pressure plate bolt up the the 4g63? - What are the options here? I am hoping I can get something to work between the 4g32 and 4g63.

Also do I need to change to a starter from a 4g63 powered vehicle as the flywheels will be different?


One more thing... Will the accellerator cabel match up to the 4g63 with stock carb?

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I might be able to help a little bit with this I have a 1978 LB lancer that I just put a 4G63 SOHC Carby into and removed the 4G36 I used the same starter from the 4G36 on the 4G63 and kept the same accelerator cable, from what I've previously been told you can use the clutch from a 4G32 on a 4G63 flywheel but I haven't tried to yet

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Well I got the donor car... Seems to be running the standard EX box. Once I have it apart I guess I will see what clutch etc it is running.

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