Jordans 1982 Suzuki TS185 dirt/street tracker

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On 4/14/2017 at 23:51, woodfireash said:

where did you find spokes that allowed you to put an 18 on the front ? what width rim is it? i want to put 2.15 x 18 on the front and 2.5 on the back. of my ts185 build project it needs new rims asap and want to just buy a random so called universal rims but don't no where to find spokes the will fit an 18 on the front.. 

Hey mate, I was lucky and a 18" old suzuki wheel just popped up on trademe. It I brought it and it fitted up sweet!

From memory a old drum GN250 front wheel will work. But I'm not 100%.

Theres a forum somewhere with all the old suzuki rim/brake/axle sizes and you can just find something that'll work. I was keeping my eye out for an old DR rear wheel as it should fit the TS and is half an inch wider.


Good luck!

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Hey team, done a couple wee things on this ol girl lately! Chucked some new bars, grips and throttle on, made a front mudguard, and got rid of the ol oil tank. Also passed a warrant which is rad!

Been having loads of fun ripping around the streets, exhaust pops and farts and is pretty loud so it's sweet for winding people up. Got pulled up the other day though, Cop said he was trying to catch me for 5 mins haha! But he was a GC and let me off with compliance for not having a motorbike license haha..

Also brought a new motor thats been ported and had a few other bits, apparently it'll be an extra 10hp which would be epic! Will try and get that in over the next couple weeks. Also brought a bunch of jets off Ebay so I can try get this running good with the new motor. Also will try and mod my PE175 pipe to fit at the same time. 

Happy days!



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Cant help thinking that would look sick with a vintage husky-esque loaf of bread seat. That whole vintage super moto thing is so sweet

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Have done a few jobs on this ol girl lately;

-Popped in the ported motor

-Got expansion chamber in Indo that looks similar dimensions to the 80's "Bansani" pipe that was the rave, finally got it on

-Put some decent rear shocks on, I lifted it about 2" to see what it looks like. Unsure if I like the rear slammed or high. 

I'm stoked with the clean section below the tank and the rear triangle with the low pipe. Sound like a proper 2 stroke now too, and actually goes waaaaay better with the pipe and porting. Too bad it just clutch slips if you're on the pipe above 2nd gear :(

Unsure if I prefer front mud guard on or off also. 

Will try and take some good photo's on the weekend.




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