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Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

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Cut and shut the two clusters together. The black surround will need some finishing sanding where I've cut the original sections out, and repaint.

The two sections are currently curing where i have bogged up the gaps. Now to start making an entire new instrument loom and order some small led's for warning lamps

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whizzbanged a couple of brackets up out of half an engine stand


a slot so I can get a spanner on the nut on the bumper bracket, and a dusting of satin black


Sit at about the height of the towing eyes so a good height I think


don't have any decent wire around so might do that next week....

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Got some more parts

Roobars and a long range tank to turn this into a true Aussie battler.

Bars are off an 83 4wd, and Ive just noticed they are not going to fit because I have the bumper with only 1 set of holes in it, and I'm not going to cut holes in it, so will need to cut it up and make something work.* Scratch that I looked again and they appear to mount to the towing eyes. Which is weird I thought. It also has a mount for an A frame on it that I won't need because a holden 6 will run forever)it's an auto. So that can go. Side bars should fit fine.

Also from the 4wd I got the fuel tank which is 18 usgallon vs the 2wd 15. So should get about 100km more from it.

Speaking of. I changed the thermostat and now it's actually getting to temp. Sits at half to the next mark depending on driving conditions (2 marks from red, 3 from cold) which seems high compared to what every Holden owner says they sit at (fans on at 1/4 to halfway) but maybe it's a NZ market thing. It won't go past that mark if I hoon up the Bombay's or leave it at idle with the fan on. Will see how it goes as the weather warms up. I'm using 1L less per 100km so that's a good thing.

Also got a nos heavy vinyl floor covering without any shifter hole in it, so probably aftermarket. Should be ideal

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I had hoped to get this on for burgers tonight


No dice

Have to remove fog and spotlights. Spots can go on the bars as there's already mounts and Il put a stainless coach bolt in the hole in the bumper. And Il have to weld on some mounts for the spotlights. No major there


I will need longer cab mount bolts as they will be too short, and it's not going on with the 2nd gen tray as even with the kick in it hits it. 2nd gen tray evidently is lower to the ground/just look at the body lines and you will see.

Otherwise it will just need a little tweaking, it's had a rough 4wd life and I can see at least one repair weld. I also feel that the cab mounts were attached to the truck and then welded to the bars to fit each truck.

Nevermind, I have it tied on the tray.. its way too big, but Il get it home to the shed and stick it in the corner with the rest of the junk

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So iv had a week off, but have sat inside bored out of my mind because I did a half assed job at removing my fingers last weekend

Sun came out and I can sort of use the hand as long as I don't reach for anything or lift with the thumb


so this was pretty difficult



removed seats



not as bad as it could be


Front corners and back of cab are all rough patches





New floor covering I picked up. not sure who made it it was just wrapped in a plastic sack with L200 80-85 single cab written on it. No cut out for the shifter so probably aftermarket


bit of sound deadening on the back




Its a poor fit tbh, theres no cut out for the steering column, yet the edge is all bound and it doesn't like the corners.


I stuck it roughly where I thought it should go and screwed all the edges down, cut the shifter hole, the went at it with the heat gun and blocks of wood to contour the sills. It needs a lot more of that action but it fits in now.


Vacuumed off the speaker box material that was in the back and put the seats back in. The loom from the tunnel is too short to go up behind the carpet and underneath so I had to de pin a plug and run it over the top for now. so bad,



also fixed the folding forward passenger seat so it locks back in place







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I hate the mess under my bonnet, it causes me anxiety and electrical nightmares. Have gathered the nervous systems from a couple of dead commodores and am thinking of the best way to redo it.

Anyway, that brings me to the air horn, I don't care for these smaller air horns, the red is grating, it's pointing the wrong way, there's a million miles of wire wrapping around both sides of the truck to reach it, they hacked a bracket to install it, and Im kind of keen on getting the bay looking factory with minimal loom showing



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Il remove that hacked bracket, welding up all the unused holes and I might shift the engine loom to the LHD position as seen in red

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Weld in inner layer


Add second drip rail layer



Weld drip rail moulding back onto it




Better than a bought one eh





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Goob some anti corrosion primer on

IV got some more rust down at the front of the sill, so once I've done that Il spray it full of blackguard and cavity wax

Should look as good as any other part of the truck once I smooth the inner rail out with seam sealer


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So i have gotten familiar enough with the truck to realise that most of this doesnt do anything




Suspicions confirmed when i noticed that the part near the firewall doesnt actually go through it, its all part of the original Mitsubishi loom, and comes from the other side of the engine bay, around the grill, and back up the other side

chop it out i reckon



hers some of the BS i deal with




Unlimited Power!, theres a few weird joins like this, both other ends go back inside the cab, with a long length of do nothing wire. Iv cut them all short and left the joins for now incase they actually do something


Kind of funny, there was 3 sets of wires for the washer pump. and none of them worked (they needed to set the pump ground back to the switch, i fixed that when i first got the truck)

and the air horn wires did a whole loop around the engine bay


All the wires including the spotlamps stuff now fits in the split conduit behind the grill now


at least i wont need to buy wire for a while. i totally removed what i could, had to cut some off where the loom splits inside the cab as it was just going to turn into a huge mess if i took the cab fuse boxes out and deloomed everything




Looking better. the conduit only houses some 3 core wire for the washer pump (which only uses 2 wires), so i think i will remove it and run a new wire down the drivers side and across the grill with the headlamp stuff. That way the passenger side will only have the holden engine loom, and i can plug up the old loom grommet


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Fresh out of the Mojave desert, I got this dodge d50 sport centre console with gauge pod add on. The yanks actually got sport models with bucket seats, sun roofs and wild decals, we just got farm trucks with maybe a clock



Probably the only one in the country


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Have had a bit of an oil leak, getting worse over the last few months, looked like the power steering pump. I think probably just the reservoir o-ring, but I got a whole seal kit anyway


looked decent inside, and has been good the last couple of weeks

Got stuck into some more rust this weekend
had planned to do some down in the sill, but wanted to clean up some of last times stuff. This got me to picking scabs. It all looked good with the paint on, but I had been getting some water dripping from the upper door trim plastic, it could only be coming from a hole in the rain gutter, so I stripped it back


yup pretty manky, about a 1/4 inch of bog up the a pillar and roof, I think theres a lot of bog on the roof as some has cracked (probably before it was even painted because the clear coat is smooth over it), some rough old patches, and some good old space age nu-tech better than metal filler
chop it out
Coming in though the bottom too
so cut that out as well


door frame back in

found some more filler on the corner, theres an aweful lot of nutech near the screen seal, from what I can see through the hole it doenst look like its full of holes, probably just the good old technique of bash it in with a hammer and fill over everything

I'm wanting to use the truck so I cant take the screen out right now, but at some point il take it out and baremetal the roof

all patches in, looks rough as can be because theres a step down on the roof filler to the metal, oh well, hopefully I get some time off this summer and il get it looking decent

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I dunno man, maybe I'm getting old, but it literally only took the playtime of blister in the sun to knock out 90% of those dents. Only levered them out and haven't started panel beating yet. Surely that's better value than a gallon of bog even on special.

There's a bit needs shrinking down in the middle and the windscreen corner is a bit tight to get under, but Il knock that out sometime soon


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