Kelvin's 1985 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas EFI with Speedweeeeeeno

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Did some cruising today, what a bloody stunning day it was too. Went and helped a fellow Rover club member with his SD1. Unfortunately it looks like his ECU may have issues, will have to do some more digging and make a plan of action.

Mine is running bloody spot on, still some work to be done on the acceleration enrichment though, it just seems to be a constant sore point where i cant seem to get it right. At the moment it would cruise great but when you gave it a whack of throttle it would bog slightly and blow a puff of black smoke. It goes very rich for a split second in the logs.

Im going to try disabling AE and see what it drives like then, and maybe slowly add it in bit by bit if it needs it.

I have done about 150km since i started tuning, and about 1/4 a tank of gas used.


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In other news, i made a quick enquiry on the Uk Rover SD1 forum about how i could find more info of my car from its couple of years in the UK before it was imported. This is what one of the members came back with.



Your original reg number was - C404HOM
Date of reg 04/11/1985
4 previous keepers


C404 HOM 
Untaxed Tax due: 30 October 1987 
MOT No details held by DVLA 

Vehicle details
Vehicle make : ROVER 
Date of first registration : November 1985 
Year of manufacture : 1985 
Cylinder capacity (cc) : 3528 cc 
CO©üEmissions : Not available 
Fuel type : PETROL 
Export marker : No 
Vehicle status : Not taxed 
Vehicle colour : BLUE

Now im going to contact the UK DVLA as apparently they can provide details on previous owners. Would be awesome to know where it was originally sold, and to whom. Ill be looking at making some display plates up of the original rego too, just for the hell of it.

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Took the Rover out for a Rove today, its driving really well, with only minor hiccups every now and then. Still some ironing out to do in the tune.

On the other hand, i filled up today.


Spotted this in the owners manual and had a lol


Clearly BLMC had some sense of humor back then.

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