Kelvin's 1985 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas EFI with Speedweeeeeeno

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Picked up the pile of bits I won to Trademe recently. The photos were a bit vague as there was a bit of stuff there, but what i did see what an alternator bracket, a full EFI loom and a standard ECU. As soon as i saw them i had to hit the buy now button..... Its a complete score for $125!

The injection loom will be awesome for helping me design and build my new loom, and although i will not molest this standard ECU (genuine SD1 ecus are so rare it would be criminal), its good to have for troubleshooting and helping design the layout of the actual Speeduino housing. I have a Jaguar ECU on the way that has the same housing, that i will cut up for Speeduino. The Alternator bracket will allow me to mock up the placement of the new coils, off the car, and transfer it over.

What i didnt know and what wasnt in the photos, was just how much more stuff there was. I did some digging in the three big boxes when i got home.

There are various things, like a good condition front skirt, 'better condition than mine' tail light lenses, interior door handles, window switches and spare wood, a starter motor, alternator, a couple of mirrors, head lights and heaps of other stuff.

Oh, and yes, a Momo wheel from 1996 and a boss kit! This will be going on the car ASAP, cant wait! Not sure how i feel about the wood wheel, but worst case I can get a nice leather one. The standard wheel is so massive, and nice i faded and sticky to the touch.

And this is what an injection loom looks like.

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